I’ve been a big fan of this brand Combat Flip Flops (CFF) for years. We have a few reviews written of their sandals and the company continues to impress us by offering great looking, functional footwear. I’m always on the look out for killer looking footwear that doesn’t scream out tactical while I’m simultaneously trying to support a veteran run brand. This is Them; the men’s MK-19 Black High Top are rad and I love em. They look good, feel good, go with jeans for the bar scene or even for the gun range; light, slightly cushioned shoes that help you remain fast and agile on your feet.

They are reminiscent of the Chuck Taylor’s from the Converse Rubber Shoe Company created by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908. There are a good selection of sizes provided by CFF; the sizes offered run from 7-15. If you have smaller or bigger feet I’m not sure what to tell you! Half sizes should go up or down in size.

The shoes come with an insert. I think they are sufficient for most people. If you know me then you know I am a distance runner and have been for over 35 years; I will run distance in jeans and shoes all the time. I like to add extra inserts into my footwear just in case I run miles; car breaks down somewhere remote, I get abandoned, etc. Their shoe insert, or what is called a sock liner, does not come out of the shoe. I use Doctor Scholls. Go up a size if you intend to use inserts like I do.

This is a short distance shoe, that can be used to train in the gym or for short walk outs. It is meant for forward propulsion and not meant for aggressive, prolonged lateral movements when doing something like kickboxing or football double-foot agility side shuffle drills. Yes, they can be used for pivoting movements done in CQB training but do keep it simple. Yeah man, these shoes look dope. The shoe has a 3-5mm heel drop from toe to heel.


The outsole makes up the base of the running shoe or boot. The outsole is the durable part of the footwear that makes contact with the ground, providing traction. Their outsole is propriety rubber and it is super sticky which is great. The upper is made of fabric. There is a pull tab to help the helpless pull the shoes on. You get nylon laces which are placed through 8 metal grommets. The tongue is a thin elongated flap that fits over the top of the foot to protect the tendons and blood vessels from pressure caused by the laces. I prefer thicker tongues on footwear but that’s just because I actually run in them; your use might be different from mine; it’s not a deal breaker. The tongue is adequate for basic use. The throat of the shoes open up enough to insert your big feet in. The shoes do not have a half circle, toe cap to protect the toes; not a deal breaker either.

The high collar prevents the foot from slipping out of the shoe, particularly if they are laced up to the full eight eyelets. A laced up shoe is more stable to run in. The shoes use proprietary EVA mid-layers. EVA help with stability and the cushioning materials combine bounce and durability. The material provides protection from impact forces and oftentimes done well increase durability and protection.

Cons: The shoes do not come in wider sizes such as 2EE or 4EE. The shoes fit on the smaller side so I recommend going up one size especially if you intend to wear thick socks. If you’re a 10 1/4 I recommend going up to an 11 or 11.5.

Pros: Sweet looking. Affordable. Useful.


I think CFF did an excellent job creating this model. They hit all the points that I believe are important when purchasing footwear.  They look good, are good for multi-use, don’t weigh much and are very comfortable. I’ve gone running in them too. They can be used for short hauls with a fast pack but I do not recommend them to be used for rucking. Again, this is for light mixed-use and shouldn’t be treated like standard military footwear.

PRICE $64.99  5/5

FUNCTIONALITY 4/5 I believe the laces should be shortened and more durable.


DURABILITY Unsure at this point. Need more time to test. I’ve had them about 4 weeks.


Overall Rating 18/20

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By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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