June 6, 2023

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Marine Battalion Commander Fired For Being Too Tough Err, I Mean “Toxic”

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The NYT reported the story of Lt. Col. Kate Germano, a commander of an all women Marine basic training unit. Besides increasing female Marine physical performance and a three-fold increase in rifle qualification Germano made enemies and was recently relieved. Statements like “telling them (female Marines) their male counterparts will never respect them if they don’t get good physical scores” were considered mistreatment according to Parris Island chief of staff Col. Jeffrey Fultz. Removing chairs set aside for women Marines who couldn’t stand after their nine mile graduation road march (men weren’t given any) was also symptomatic of her unreasonable demands.

Increasing run ins with her commander over having 40% less drill instructors and contacting recruiters directly sealed her fate.

Based on my experience as an instructor at the Academy, this is no surprise.

People have to understand, when it comes to women service members, superiors are a mix of Beta males looking to ingratiate themselves with feminists, those that don’t believe women should be held to the same standard as men promoting the double standards our military has developed to integrate the military and those who make the decision to stop rocking the boat at the risk of career ending consequences of treating service members the same regardless of sex.

Making troops meet “one standard” risks not passing those that would have passed before under a gender normed double standard. In a twisted way, feminists see this as unfair. When same standards create unequal results sexism exists. Don’t believe me? How many feminists are applauding her holding females up to the male standard? Superiors eager to cater to the feminists and demonstrate what modern thinkers they are ascribe to this gobbledygook logic.
Then there are the superiors listening to the troops complaining that she’s too hard. They are the ones that believe in the double standards and that expecting women to meet the male standards is unreasonable and unfair. (It may also raise uncomfortable questions from greater powers as to why pass rates are lower.)

Finally, there is the great and understandable cowering mass who recognize all this insanity for what it is. Of course units manned at 60% the instructor rate of male units might have a tough time making higher standards. They also know better to say anything at the risk of drawing a spotlight an their intransigence for telling the emperor he’s naked.

Never fear campers, we continue the inexorable march towards integration carefully avoiding discussing standards or differences in performance.

Photo by AP News

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