March 1, 2021

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LRAD 360XL-MID Mobile Kit at the Warrior Expo West

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With the Warrior Expo West quickly approaching, there shouldn’t be a reason not to attend. The defense resource and training exposition will be held in San Diego, California. If you’re in the procurement department of any defense organization, this event is a must. The Warrior Expo focuses on providing the industry’s latest products and services for the tactical environment. Get first-hand knowledge about equipment as well as witness demos provided by big firms. FLIR, Outdoor Research, Raytheon Company, and Aimpoint, are just a few to name. However, one company to make note of is the LRAD Corporation.

The LRAD Corporation is an industry leader in mass notification systems. Currently providing products in over 70 countries. One specific product to research is the LRAD 360XL-MID Mobile Kit, a tier-one emergency broadcasting system. A completely self-contained, advanced public safety notification system. Using their proprietary Long Range Acoustic Devices® and their ONE VOICE® intelligible voice notification systems, this mobile platform is a powerful asset for any organization. This easily deployable system offers clear, 360° broadcasting over 2 sq. km, providing 4 hours of continuous transmitting.

The deployable unit is 24” (61 cm) x 24” (61 cm) composed of two emitters and a base, creating a lambent design. The command center is located in a weather and shock-resistant, protective case. The powered amplifier has two 160-watt, Class-D amplifiers with two 12-volt LiFePO4, offering 4 hours of continuous 360° broadcasting. Maintaining its military cross-functionality, the 360XL-MID Mobile Kit is outfitted with stainless steel Mil Spec D38999 connectors and runs on AC or DC power options.

Along with these attributes, the 360XL-MID Mobile Kit also provides a wide array of options for announcements. The ONE VOICE® command and control software connects to the control unit over a TCP/IP network to activate recorded messages, sirens and tones. End-user can choose to send live voice, or pre-recorded information on one or several deployable units. Other wireless connecting options are through Wifi, Fiber, GPRS/GSM, an/or L-Band Satellite. The command center also offers direct programming to the emitter.

The functionality of LRAD’s equipment is vast and overly robust. With its power, range, and superior features, these 70-pound notification and emergency warning systems are currently in operation around the world. Visit the Warrior Expo West, booth 411 to learn more and see the LRAD 360XL-MID Mobile Kit.

This year, the Warrior Expo will be held at the San Diego Convention Center, Sails Pavilion. The event will be from May 14th and 15th, with special guest Tim Kennedy. Click here to see booths and the exhibitors that will be attending.

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