January 26, 2021

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Left and Right Fight

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Are the Left and Right the same?

At more than one point in my life, I was what I would consider lacking perspective. It’s no secret that I’m from a rough New York area, but I’ve also lived in a “rough” area in Texas.

There was a time when I would say the left and the right mirror one another. To an extent, that is true. However, with years of experience living in a blue state vs. living in red states, then moving into another blue state, I can see now how wrong I was.

The rough area here is just like the South Bronx. The “rough” neighborhood I lived in Texas would be unaffordable for most people if it were in NYC.

Everything from living standards to neighborly interactions is better in Texas and most red states. I’ve never felt persecuted or racial tension in any one of those places. I did feel and experience those things in New York growing up.

Conservatives (especially white conservatives) have been marginalized and hold their tongues mostly as social justice warriors work to disenfranchise them legally. The ones that speak out are first met with hostility by strangers or overtly and covertly silenced by their friends.

I’ve realized that only one wants to (passively and aggressively) control the other between the two groups.

How to make enemies

While living with and among conservatives (since moving back to the USA in 2012), I’ve heard them be called every pejorative that was socially acceptable. Nazi, racist, fascist, terrorists, fear mongers, hate mongers, racial supremacists, etc., to no end and with no evidence.

Conservatives have also been attacked (overtly and covertly) in their livelihoods, spat on, egged, assaulted, shot at, and more.

That is how you treat animals.
That is how you treat people you don’t respect.
That is how you treat people you don’t fear.
That is how you treat enemies and nemesis.

Before you get on that racial soapbox

Before you go on the history of ethnic conflict, understand my kids grab the brown crayon when they draw me in family photos. I’m aware and am not seeking YOUR version of history.

I have no desire or a need to become a master of others to know I am free. I fully accept the burdens of that freedom and look to no one to relieve me of my struggles or disadvantages. Overcoming them has made me the man I am.

I am comfortable in my skin and looking in the mirror.

You put the price on being labeled these names and given this treatment at the point of perception and expect something different than what happened?

Civil War

Most of us want to be left alone. We don’t speak for each other. The polarizing or polarized media and politicians forced all of us into a contentious duopoly.

You think winning an election is a concession to the Republic? The only thing that happens from elections is papers and names shifting. Have your eyes open.

Free peoples are represented, not ruled. I do not remember any recent fighting or collective decisions by free men to surrender anything.

Talks of civil war in America because of said duopoly. I do not want this. My friends do not want this. You can talk as brave as you want, but we all know YOU do not want this.

However, we are also far past the point of trying to “unite.”

I won’t pretend I have the answers for solving the problems we face.

If I had a magic wand, I wall off every city in America and make them city-states. Hardly ever do cities speak (vote) well to reflect the entire state or anyone outside of the city, for that matter.

Tonight I’m going to pray for that young woman who died.

At the same time, I also will thank GOD it wasn’t worse. Recent history shows it could have been much worse.

I’m going to pray for my country tonight.

God bless America.
Long live the Republic.

“Readers must not allow themselves to be trapped in an information-gathering mode, seeking to learn ever more about ever-finer aspects of the topic. If… resistance is justified, there comes a time when one must close the book and act.”
– Joseph P. Martino, Resistance to Tyranny


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