Steep Troops 3, an eagerly anticipated television event of unprecedented proportions, has unveiled a heart-pounding ‘highlight teaser’ that promises an adrenaline-charged battle featuring six teams and 24 dedicated unit members.

A collaborative production by ENA and Channel A, Steep Troops 3 is set to make its debut on Tuesday, the 19th, at 10:30 pm. The highlight teaser video offers a tantalizing glimpse into a battlefield and missions of epic scale, surpassing even the grandeur of cinematic spectacles. It boldly proclaims this season as the ‘all-time strongest battle,’ leaving viewers with intense anticipation from the very start. Particularly noteworthy is the return of Jung Jong-hyun, the reigning champion from the first season, UDT (Navy Special Warfare Flotilla), who speaks of rifle shooting as the pinnacle of warfare, heightening expectations for his performance in season 3.

The testimonies of unit members, who express their disbelief at the unfolding spectacle, add to the intrigue. Clad in black attire, their mysterious appearance piques curiosity. Furthermore, the addition of US Navy SEAL and US Army Green Beret units, forming the ‘USSF’ (US Special Forces), sets the stage for a global showdown between Korean and American special forces.

Kim Su Won of UDU (Navy Intelligence Unit), a newcomer this season, ignites the spirit with a declaration to risk it all while crawling through challenges. After intense hand-to-hand combat, Ian Schnelly of ‘USSF’ vows to sprint relentlessly towards victory, asserting that the US special forces are here solely for triumph.

From explosive naval missile showdowns at sea to intense gunfights against enemy forces and missions of unparalleled magnitude, the show promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As unit members proudly raise their unit flag, the question of which special forces will emerge as the ultimate ‘Steep Troop’ becomes the focal point of everyone’s attention.

Having already claimed the top spot in the Top 10 TV Buzz and Today’s Top 10 Series rankings in South Korea on Netflix, Steep Troops 3, a collaboration between ENA and Channel A, remains South Korea’s premier military survival show. Mark your calendars for its premiere on September 19th at 10:30 pm, as this season is poised to deliver an unparalleled television spectacle.

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