The TANDEMKROSS “ULTIMATE” trigger is an awesome upgrade for competition and recreational 10/22 shooters.

I recently received the NEW “Ultimate” 10/22 trigger from Tankemkross. After taking trying out the trigger at multiple competitions and some decent range time, I’m sold.

The bottom-line is YES. There is not many fire-arm components where I’ve immediately experienced a VERY noticeable impact to my competition time/score.

The “Ultimate Trigger” has accomplished that, most likely by reducing trigger pull to under 2 lbs, shortening the over-travel, and a crisp reset.

Below is a comparison of October to November USPSA Steel Challenge this year. October was pretty much a standard match for me, using the factory 10/22 trigger, I attribute a good portion of the 8.5 seconds faster in November to the TK Ultimate trigger. The other portion could just be me having a better day. It may not sound like much, but 8.5 seconds in Steel Challenge is a pretty massive drop.

Additionally, here’s a video from the most recent Steel Challenge match testing out the TK Ultimate Trigger. I apologize for not capturing a better view of the trigger, fairly difficult from a GOPRO.

I’m a big fan of the “Ultimate” trigger design which is flat-faced, great texture, and adjustable over-travel.

The design is heavily tested via TK’s “Victory” versions for rim-fire pistols & Ruger PC Carbine.


Installation is not difficult at all, I believe any level of gun-owner can accomplish this task. Tandemkross makes some of the best install/how-to videos I’ve seen.

Switching the trigger out for the “Ultimate” took me about 10 minutes. Most of that time is me just dropping things.

The provided parts included a hammer, sear, trigger shoe, wire spring, nylon-tipped post-travel screw, allen wrench, and slave pin.


The “Ultimate” works with standard and BX(+$10) trigger housings, but you need to specify when ordering so… if attempting to install in a BX trigger housing, you will not be able to use the BX disconnector.

The trigger is available in black or red (red is +$10), the finishes TK produces are top quality.

This trigger does not come with an extended magazine release but TK produces a great one called the “Fireswitch”.

Currently the Ultimate Trigger sell’s on for $134.99, but TK is know to have some awesome sales during various holidays.


There are A LOT of 10/22 trigger groups on the market (BX, KIDD,TIMNEY, VOLQUARTSEN, Clark Custom…)

BUT, the Tandemkross “Ultimate” trigger is unique because it’s a drop-in replacement trigger, without paying to replace your current trigger housing.

It works great! With a crisp sub 2lb trigger pull, easy install, and reasonable price, I would say it’s a solid buy!

TK did an awesome job on the quality in machining these parts and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next! Keep up the great work!


For a detailed installation instructions on the simple install, here is the PDF, you can also always check out the TaK Driver forums!

Good shootin!



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By AJ Saulls

Aj is a veteran and COO of Meridian Systematics, a Virginia based Defense Analytics firm. He regularly supports America’s finest warfighters at home and abroad.. When he’s not deployed, Aj is engulfed in Northern Virginia shooting sports as well as being an avid fly angler. Even though he’s made his living in data analytics, he’s a firm believer that we need to be disconnected and outdoors. Aj is a writer and supports Spotter Up as a knowledge platform for us to become better at what we love.

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