SWANSBORO, N.C.September 20, 2022 – High Speed Gear® has added the Mini Missions Pouch to their line of tactical gear products and accessories.

The Mini Missions Pouch is a versatile, general-purpose pouch that adapts to changing missions and roles. Much like the High Speed Gear Special Missions Pouch, the Mini Missions Pouch caters to HSGI users across many professions. Both the Special Missions Pouch and the Mini Missions Pouch come with three mounting options.

“The versatility of the Mini Missions Pouch makes it a great option for individuals that have ever-changing mission requirements,” said Jim Skelton (USMC, Fmr.), Senior communications Strategist at High Speed Gear. “The ability to mount and wear the pouch three different ways allows for the Mini Missions Pouch to adapt to new kit setups and accessibility for the end-user.”

The Mini Missions Pouch can be worn as a hanger style product attached below a plate carrier or placard, worn with an included waist strap, mounted to a belt. The Mini Missions Pouch can be used as an admin pouch with an internal loop panel organizer, or a first aid pouch with an exterior elastic loop to secure a tourniquet. High Speed Gear built the Mini Missions Pouch for those who need their gear to adapt with to ever changing missions. Much like the pouch’s big brother, the Special Missions Pouch, the Mini Missions Pouch is Berry Compliant, with a modular and sleek design, and is now available on the High Speed Gear website.


Mini Missions Pouch:  https://www.highspeedgear.com/mini-missions-pouch

Special Missions Pouch:  https://www.highspeedgear.com/12smp0

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