How do you buy gloves?

amazing_odd_interesting_funny_90066252_200907231821262025There are a lot of glove choices on the market and you’re on a budget. Best thing to do first is to know what you’re looking for. People are expecting you to do tough jobs and you want to see the job through.

This might mean climbing chain-link fencing, manipulating a weapon, moving rubble, or gathering wood. If you’re looking to rip out sheet rock or lift truckloads of stone, then go for a durable leather model. There really isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to looking for gloves. No one gloves offers all you need for the tasks you may perform. But we can narrow it down some. First ask yourself exactly what do you need the gloves for.

“Normally, when I skydive, even in winter, I wear very thin gloves. I want to be flexible, with fast reactions.”~ Felix Baumgartner, Skydiver

I have 6 different pairs around my house. A pair of leather gloves for rappelling, a pair of work issued synthetic gloves for shooting, etc.

For this article, we’re looking for a good, multi-purpose glove.

This means we need to find something that has gripping power, is abrasion resistant and of course comfortable. In a pinch, casual gloves or dress gloves could work, but for our survival purposes we’ll need them thick enough to avoid getting cut but thin enough to allow us to place a nut on a bolt. We need to be able to grip a weapon comfortably, lift-up a heavy item without slippage, go through the outdoors without worrying too much about getting sliced and punching a guy in the nostrils without wreaking our knuckles.

There are many choices out there. for those who don’t have access to tactical/police stores, or tactical shows, or tactical clothing magazines, a sturdy work glove from Walmart or Lowe’s is a simple substitute for the short-term.

First things first.

HKTG300-PalmLook for gloves that feel as if you’re not wearing anything at all on your hands. You should be able to bend your fingers without difficulty. When trying them on at a cop-shop or hardware store, hold an item/tool in your hand. Try to manipulate the tool you will be using; a gun, shovel, radio, etc. This is your dexterity test.

Look for all leather because leather really protects the hands from injury when handling burning embers, splinters or thorny brush. However, keep in mind that certain synthetic fabrics or leather-synthetic mixes offer breathability, wicking, better stretching and comfort though not as much protection. If you can find it, a combination of leather and synthetic material is good. Whatever you choose, look for gloves that offer superior protection for your hands.

Features To Look For

Hand Hugging: Look for gloves that have an excellent fit. It will give you a more natural feel as the glove hugs the fingers and follows the curvature of the palms. Good gloves mimic the shape of your hand and this allows maximum dexterity. Polyester and spandex offer lots of dexterity  but little in the way of warmth like a fleece lined leather glove can.

Wrist Hugging: The wrists of the glove have a surgical hook-and-loop adjustable closures on the back of the hand. It can also be an elastic wrist for a more secure fit. You should be able to tighten the gloves in order to keep out debris and keep in heat.

Fingertip Flexibility and Protection: Leather sidewalls of the fingers give you better comfort and full finger protection.  Synthetics can offer flexibility but aren’t as durable as leather.

Gripping: The palms and fingers can more easily grab objects. Some manufacturers offer a texture sewn on the tips of the thumb, index and middle finger for this purpose.

Study: The threading used should be abrasion resistant and stronger than regular threading. Some manufacturers use a 3-ply bonded thread such as those used in parachutes, like Duluth Trading offers. It should be very durable. A long-lasting glove ensures there’s no need for constant replacement.

Affordable: Shouldn’t cost much. Good gloves such as the Mechanix or Duluth brands can be bought for about $20.00-$30.00. The internet will turn up some great deals.

Choices: The more choices the better for you.  Go up in size if needed.

Water-Proof: Water-repellent goatskin leather or a neoprene are good.

Knuckles: Cushioning foam under leather piecing to protect knuckles.

Fingertips: Puncture resistant. Look for models that are thicker in the fingertips, but not so much that you can’t handle your tool of choice.

Thumb and Saddle: Padded for protection and heavy-duty toughness and gripping.

Palm: Padded for protection and heavy-duty toughness.

Back of hand: Generally made with a stretchy spandex back. An all leather model is fine as well.

Machine Washable: Can be made with leather palms or synthetic leather and knuckles that won’t dry out or shrink when wet. If they can’t be washed in the washing machine, scrub out stains in a bucket of warm of water and hang them to dry.

Some picks:

These gloves were based off of a combination of affordable price, prior reviews with testing, and overall performance. This means each glove provides reasonable to good grip, durability, ergonomic shape and tactile sensitivity. The gloves are a synthetic mix of materials yet will afford you the comfort and protection needed. The cheaper models will, of course, wear out quicker.

$10.00 + The Mechanix Multipurpose GlovesZ_uKsvkcpEx-

One place these can be purchased at is Lowe’s or Walmart. Although they aren’t the top of the line gloves, they are comfortable and will give you decent protection. You can still manipulate objects, and by cutting off the fingertips you’ll get better gripping ability.The material is equally thick all over the glove, with no added protection around the thumbs and palm, but for this price, its sufficient. A mover I know used his for two years at his furniture moving job. He was able to grab items even when he was perspiring heavily but the palms finally wore out and had huge holes in them. Good for gross motor skills. You might want to look at pistol gloves if you are solely using it for pistol shooting.

  • extremely lightweight
  • Durable, synthetic leather palm
  • Snug fitting, slip-on cuff
  • Washable

$20.00 + Mechanix Work GlovesMW15_MG_05_H_384x489

If you can spend a few more dollars, I recommend these gloves. They’ve been used round the world successfully and people like them. You’ll see plenty of troops wearing these. These are great if you’re doing gross-motor manipulations with your weapon or working on a vehicle. Not bad for the price. A step up from the Mechanix Multipurpose gloves. When you hold them in your hand you’ll be able to tell they are thicker and will be more durable than the Multipurpose. Worth the added ten bucks. You can cut off the finger tips if you like. There are many good brands out their that have thinner finger tips and padding for pistol use but you pay for what you get. Look for precision fingertips that offer superb tactility for everything from handing firearms and performing patdowns.

  • Innovative, wrap-around rubber molded wrist closure forms better to wrist and improves comfort
  • High-dexterity fingertips and two-ply thumb reduces wear and increases protection
  • Uniquely ribbed 2-way stretch spandex top increases stretch and flexibility for an even better fit
  • Machine washable

$29.00 + TAC A2 Gloves 5.11


If you’re able to spend an additional five bucks, try these performance gloves. The finger tips are reinforced and well-stitched so it doesn’t unravel. There is ring of  padding on the knuckles and around the fingers. These will protect your knuckles from injury when you’re working on your truck or punching someone in the teeth. Keep that in mind. My younger brother did exactly that in junior high (bwahahaha), and cut his knuckle open to the bone. The other guy was left with half a front tooth. My dad was not happy that day. You need to protect your hands even if you’re 13.

  • Popular law enforcement glove
  • Lightweight and fast drying
  • TacticalTouch™ precision fingertips
  • Synthetic leather suede palm
  • Breathable stretch nylon back panel
  • Reinforced finger joints
  • Sweat wipe panel on thumb
  • Sonic-welded, rubberized top protection ribbing
  • Hook and loop closure Velcro
  • Washable

$30.00 Duluth Trading Company Box Handler Gloves

24U124_AS01Great glove for those who need a non-slip grip. Comfortable and functional. Cut off finger tips for gun manipulation. Good for use in slippery conditions. There are many good brands out their that have thinner finger tips and padding for pistol use but you pay for what you get. Look for precision fingertips that offer superb tactility for everything from handing firearms and performing patdowns.

  • Diamondclad™ sticky palm provides a superior grip for handling rough or slippery materials
  • Protected knuckle area shields your hands from sharp edges
  • Two-way stretch spandex top gives you the same fit and dexterity as gloves NFL receivers wear
  • Terry cloth “thirsty thumb” lets you wipe away sweat from your brow without having to remove your gloves
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop wrist closure
  • Sizing note: please size up one size

$45.00 +  The Blackhawk CRG1 Cut Resistant Patrol Gloves w/Kevlar

bh_8152__bk_l_protective_frontThe Spec Ops gloves come up in price. But if you’re looking for a form-fitting multi-purpose glove, any of the Blackhawk models will work.

• Form-fitting, ergonomic cut and flexible neoprene/spandex shell • Durable synthetic leather palm
• Reinforced thumb cradle
• Pull-on loop for easy donning or attachment to carabiners
• Adjustable hook & loop closure for comfortable, secure fit
• KEVLAR® palm provides moderate cut resistance to inside palm of hand


$69.00 + Blackhawk Fury Commando with Nomex

blackhawk-fury-commando-heavy-duty-with-nomex-8157lgct-ac0ebd7208262a78e39252e04bcfa209If you’re looking for fire-resistant gloves and good hand protection, these are good for tactical use and a good fit for some multi-purpose use. The sleeve on the wrist is longer for thermal and abrasion protection. The knuckles are protected by padding for impact and abrasion resistance. Wiley X makes a similar pair. This pair offers heavy-duty design with dual-layer palm of cowhide and water repellant. Reinforced leather fingertips. Hard shell knuckle protections.

  • Quality tested in the field, made of quality materials
  • Built to withstand the toughest terrain and environments
  • Don’t sacrifice price for quality, with Blackhawk you get what you pay for
  • Leather-covered, molded hard-shell knuckle and finger protection
  • Dual-layer palm with premium cowhide leather for water repellent and 25% more abrasion resistance

$69.00-$80.00  5.11® Men’s Hardtime Gloves

downloadAnother cool purchase is the 5.11’s Men’s Hardtime Gloves. These provide strong, sturdy protection. Articulated knuckle guards with two hardened thermoplastic plates. Supple goatskin-leather palms for a solid grip in wet or dry conditions. Tactical Touch precision fingertips offer superb tactility for everything from handing firearms and performing patdowns. Secure, adjustable hook-and-loop closures ensure a personalized fit. Imported.

  • Keep hands protected during harsh training and missions
  • Articulated knuckles with hard, protective thermoplastic plates
  • Tough Kevlar construction protects against abrasion, heat and cuts
  • Super-tactile Tactical Touch fingertips and goatskin-leather palms

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By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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