December 2, 2021

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Firearms 101 Perspective from retired Special Operations soldier Emerson Bolen

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Here you go. Firearms 101 by Emerson Bolen. If you have 30 minutes or more give it a listen. Emerson gives viewers his perspective on gun control, weapons handling and more. Emerson spent more than 22 years in the Army with most of it spent in Special Operations. You can see a few images of him below and figure out how he spent his time.

Top of Pikes Peak with his Special Forces “A” Team. They set a 10th SFG record by walking the Barr Trail to the top and back in full gear in under 15 hours. Front Row (L)

Gen William G. “Jerry”Boykin (ret) trying to stick Emerson with a needle
with retired Delta Force and Special Forces alumni Dale Comstock


Grenada (L)

Training for the Olympics (L)


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