The Dometic CFX3 is a plug-and-play cooler for anybody with a 12V outlet in their vehicle, which is just about every pickup and SUV built in the last three decades. Without the need for ice, a CFX3 can store 50% more food and drinks than a high-end ice cooler of the same size. With 7 sizes (including one that makes its own ice and two with dual zone ability), there are plenty of options to cover a wide range of needs.
And if you are worried about power, the CFX3 averages 1amp/hr during normal use and Dometic also offers a 40amp/hr external battery. And if you think 35-100L is too much capacity, there is also a center console fridge for the new Ford and GM/GMC models too…
Dometic CFX3 Cooler Series –  $899.99 – $1499.99 
Built around the powerful (and proprietary) VMSO3 compressor cooling technology, the Dometic CFX3 can maintain a cabinet temperature anywhere from 68° F to -7°F, while using less power than a 60W light bulb. Pack it full of food, drinks, and any essential perishables, knowing the power system will keep it all at the set temperature while drawing power from the vehicle’s 12V battery. With a heavy-duty yet lightweight ExoFrame construction, the CFX3 is ready to tackle the backcountry and local park alike. Dometic’s 100-year heritage in refrigeration and mobile cooling technologies ensures the most user-friendly and robust powered cooler out there.
  • CFX3 App – Monitor temperature and power use via Bluetooth connection
  • Weatherproof LCD display
  • 3-stage dynamic battery protection system prevents dead car battery or allows deep draw on dual batteries
  • Powered by AC or DC sources
  • Seven different sizes; 25L-99L including a 75L and 95L dual-zone version

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