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This winter I picked up the Delta frames from Gatorz for everyday use. I went with the black frames and gold mirrored polarized lens combo for a little bit of style. These sunglasses have the same great features as the Marauders I tried out last year (that is why I picked up another pair), with a little bit of classic style. I have been using these at work and play for the last couple of months and really like this look. They feature a more square shaped frame and oversized lenses with the same great qualities of all their made in the USA glasses. I ordered the new ammo can glass case for added protection when traveling. its an aluminum ammo can with foam insert and fits each of the three Gatorz glasses I own. 

Ammo can carry case for Gatorz glasses

The frames are precision CNC machined aluminum with steel riveted dual hinged ear pieces. The Delta allows for either anodized or cerakote colored frames with either the Gatorz logo or American flag for some customization. The colors are subdued: black, OD, tan and gunmetal. The frames are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. The width, temples and metal core filled silicone nose piece can all be adjusted to fit the wearer. I recommend reading the fit guide and watching the adjustment videos to aid in creating your custom fit. Besides the fact that I didn’t go with the ballistic lenses, the flatter shaped frame provides less side (or wrap around) protection if out on a range or other flying debris area. I also noticed some light reflection when the sun is behind you. Just something to consider when choosing the right set of glasses for your particular use. I went with the black anodized frame with blacked out Gatorz logo. There is also a new version of the Delta, called the Delta M4 with lightweight windowed temples and only offered with polarized lenses.

Delta in anodized black frames with blacked out logo and gold mirrored polarized lenses
New Delta M4 with light weight window cut temples

I selected the gold mirrored polarized lenses to stand out against the black frames. There are ten different color options within the polarized lenses. Each color offers a different filter for contrast in specific settings or activities to include an optimized version for use with digital screens (if that is your preference when outdoors). The ballistic lenses come in four different colors and include an anti-fog coating to include a photochromic and low light version. I have a set of Magnums with photochromic lenses that are perfect for training and working in changing light conditions or going from outside to inside. The light transmission and change speed are subtle enough to not feel blinded as you make the transition from light to dark and back. Highly recommended if that is the setting you will be using any Gatorz protective glasses in. The ballistic lenses meet the MIL PRF 32432A, Clause 4.8.4 Ballistic Fragmentation Protection rating and come with anti-scratch and Hydro-oleophobic (Oil/Grease Repellant) coatings. 

Lens and frame color options from Gatorz


Final Thoughts: The made in the USA quality, adjustable frames and multi coated lenses is what keeps bringing me back to Gatorz glasses. The Delta, just like my other pairs will last in whatever conditions I use them in while providing a comfortable fit and protection. The warranty, quality and ability to get them repaired at a reasonable fee makes the $160 – $255 price tag a worthwhile investment.

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Range Ready

By the numbers:

Comfort – 5/5 These glasses are fully adjustable to fit your face comfortably to include the temples and nose piece. They are lightweight for all day wear.

Durability – 5/5 The frames are aluminum with steel riveted hinges and lenses come with multiple coatings to increase their durability.

Functionality – 4.5/5 The shape of the Delta frame is a little flatter than most of their glasses providing a little less protection from flying debris coming from the side. The Polarization lens coatings and ballistic ratings function as advertised.  

Weight – 4/5 They are aluminum glasses so they weigh more than cheaper plastic framed glasses but not to the extreme that you get tired from wearing them all day, if you fit them to your head and adjust the nose piece.

Value – 5/5 The price is on par with similar quality glasses that don’t hold the made in the USA title and other lesser quality glasses made overseas. The replacement prices are low enough to keep these glasses looking new for years.

Overall rating – 4.8/5 You get what you pay for. Quality, comfort and function of a made in the USA pair of glasses. 


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By Brook Bowen

Brook Bowen has more than 21 years as a federal law enforcement officer and has been instructing for the last 18 years. He has developed and delivered firearms and tactical courses to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, foreign law enforcement and military units. He has 13 years of combined operational experience serving in special operations units in both the military and federal law enforcement. Brook currently instructs federal law enforcement officers at a national training center in multiple disciplines. In addition, Brook owns Two Bravo Training Solutions, a firearms and tactics training and consulting company.

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