Last December was the day that the Dutch special forces community received an early Christmas present in the form of a new and very capable vehicle. It marked a very special few years for the company that designs and builds these vehicles, Defenture. It also celebrated a new approach to acquisition for the Dutch ministry of defense.

At the Dutch army Commando regiment (KCT, Korps Commandotroepen) base in Roosendaal a small group of guests witnessed the symbolic handover. Under the watchful eye of Defenture CEO Henk van der Scheer the commander of the MoD Materiel Command, vice-admiral Jan de Waard handed the keys of the first Vector to major-general Kees Matthijssen, vice-commander of the Dutch army. He in turn handed the keys to colonel Jelte Groen, commander of the KCT, who will act as keepers of the fleet of fifty Vectors. The vehicles will be used by the KCT and their marines counterpart, NLMARSOF.
Among the guests where the man who started it all, Gerard Rond. This motocross champion and Le Dakar participant realized his vision for this vehicle in only four years with a team of specialists from the rally world.

Vehicle specifications

  • Length : 5100 mm
  • Width : 1800 mm
  • Height : 1870 mm
  • Turning circle : 9000 mm
  • Angle of approach : 40 degr.
  • Ramp over angle : 151 degr.
  • Mass empty : 2776 Kg
  • Mass basic use : 3070 Kg
  • Mass basic use with blast protection : 3330 Kg
  • Mass with full protection : 3732 Kg
  • Mass air-transportable : 3050 Kg
  • Mass air-transportable with full protection : 3712 Kg
  • Mass removable protection kit : 662 Kg
  • Maximum total vehicle weight : 4950 Kg
  • Number of seats : 4
  • Number of passengers : 5
  • Tires : 265/70/18
  • Rims : 18 inch


  • Type : 3200 cc (6 cil)
  • Max. Power : 220 Hp
  • Max. Torque : 550 Nm
  • Gearbox : Automatic 6 speed Hi-Low
  • Max. speed : limited to 130 Km / h
  • Min. Speed : 2.5 Km / h
  • Fuel : Multi-diesel F54, F34, F35, F44, F63
  • Range : 1000 Km
  • Driveline : 4×4
  • Differentials Front/Rear : open with electrical lock
  • 4 wheel steering : on/off

A long way

-Insert by Mark- We have come a long way, because the old vehicles have not been sufficient for many years. Already at the first serious deployments with the old vehicle, we encountered short comings like not enough engine power, storing space and weapon capabilities.

Although there were add-ons, through out the years, the old vehicle was simply put not capable enough for the task.

2002 Bagram

Thanks for reading, this article was written by, and reposted with permission from Dutch Defence Press


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Mark served in the Dutch Army Special Forces unit “Korps Commando Troepen”, And he served in different units ranging from Diplomatic close protection to contractor work. He has his own blog called @arminius_tribe on Instagram

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