July 6, 2022

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I’ll get to the point quick.  Everyone needs to own a pair of Decibulz hearing protection.  They are the best non-electronic hearing pro and arguably compete well with electronic protection.  Ear plugs might not seem high on everyone’s shopping list unless you’re a shooter like me or often exposed to high noise environments.  Yes, that demographic needs them but so does everyone else if for nothing else to have in your travel kit.

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What differentiates Decibulz from the pack is they feature a custom fit with do it yourself form fit process.  Simply put the thermo-fit earpiece in a pot of warm water for several minutes.  Fish them out with a spoon and let them cool for a minute or two so they can be handled.  Select/attach an included flange or foam tip and your filter.  Insert each earpiece into your ear, press and form the now pliable plastic so you get a comfortable custom seal.  That custom seal is fundamental to Decibulz superior performance.  Remolding just requires that hot bath again and start over, too easy.

I’ve used my Decibulz in a wide variety of situations since I got my first pair at Shot Show’s 2018 Range Day.  The problem was they were too good!  They are rated at a 31 NRR.  That can be a problem on the range when one is teaching students or is engaged in conversation because yelling to be heard is distracting and tiring.  On the other hand, if silence was what I was looking for (e.g. catching a nap in a noisy environment or an extra sound sleep), my Decibulz were mandatory.  I can swear on a bible as to Decibulz’s effectiveness when it comes to a good sleep.

I relearned this on the flight out to Vegas for this year’s show and I didn’t get a wink of sleep.  I learned my lesson and on the return I slept solid from wheels up to wheels down with my new set.  Doug at Decibulz was gracious enough to give me a second pair for the return trip but now I was curious about the percussive filter and how it would serve a shooting regimen.

What I didn’t detail above during the prep procedure was the filter.  At the center of the thermo-fit earpiece is a quarter inch round space to insert a filter.  The base model comes with a plastic plug but there is a percussive filter one can purchase.  It adds the capability of protection from damaging high impulse/loud noise and the ability to hear pretty normally when the environment becomes safe.  This is ideal for the shooter.

Decibulz Filters. L Standard filter. R Percussive filter. Photo by Author.

I started using Decibulz with the percussive filter religiously during all my shooting on my return from Shot Show this year.  That included recreational, practice, competition shooting and taking or giving classes.  I used them indoors, outdoors, pistol to SBR and doubled up with electronic ear pro.  They exceeded my expectations at every turn.

They were so good that when I was doubling up using MSA Sordin electronic hearing protection during a Larry Vickers instructor development course, I had to take one out to hear Larry’s shot timer.  Larry chided me once during an individual evolution when I didn’t move on the beep.  “You really can’t hear it”, said Larry.  I subsequently fixed the problem with better seals on the electronic hearing pro.  Another advantage I discovered when using Decibulz to double up my hearing protection is that they are very low profile and noting protrudes outside the ear to rub against when wearing over the ear hearing protection.

When using the Decibulz alone even indoor shooting with louder firearms was comfortable and while conversation was slightly muffled it was very manageable.  I believe Decibulz’ percussive filter works better than similar ear plugs because of the superior seal.  I found Decibulz almost as good as my entry level Howard Leight electronic hearing pro.  The reason I say “almost”, is I like to max out my volume so I can hear instructor comments when he’s at the far end of the firing line.  If you don’t have that requirement, Decibulz may work just as well for you as electronic hearing protection without the bulk, heat or battery/charging requirements electronic solutions demand.

Decibulz arrive in a packaged box including: Two Decibulz Thermoplastic Custom Molds, Three Sets of Triple Flange Tips S, M, L, One Set of Max Protect MEDIUM Foam Tips (percussive models come with three different sized foam tips), and Earplug Carrying Pouch with Decibulz Logo. They are available in black, orange, pink, blue and red.

I’ve used a wide variety of hearing protection since the 80’s through two decades of service and post service instructing thousands.  Hands down Decibulz is the best set of non-electronic hearing protection I’ve used.  I wish we had the sharp noise dampening but voice friendly technology back in the day. I would have saved more of my hearing.  Today, Decibulz is a must to maintain what I have.  You can pick your set here.

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