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Everyone has their own morning routine, most of America start their day off with a cup of coffee and I am no exception. There are probably thousands of options when it comes to coffee. Beans are grown all over the world, there is even coffee mixed in with cat shit. Not my cup. I have never been much of a Starbucks fan, however, I will go there when it is the only option. The brand I have used mostly has been Peet’s Coffee. It has a stronger flavor and I just enjoy it more.

First Impressions / Opinion

A few years ago I heard of a brand from New York state that peaked my interest, Death Wish Coffee. At the time I was using just my instant coffee machine so I bought some Death Cups (K-Cups) and tried them. The first time I had it the difference was clear, this coffee was no joke. It tasted strong, it definitely had more caffeine per serving and I was good after one cup.

Since then I typically only drink coffee black and from a French Press brewed with reverse osmosis water. This allows me to really enjoy the flavor of the coffee and I like the process in general. A few weeks ago, I was sent a pound of pre-ground Death Wish Coffee and I was very happy to try it again. It just so happens that my wife was complaining that I make “brown water” because my coffee isn’t strong enough (which is absolutely not true), it was perfect timing.

I used my 64oz French press and pre-heated the press with hot tap water. After heating for approximately 5 mins, I empty it and use roughly 10 tablespoons of Death Wish coffee. I then fill it up with reverse osmosis water that is heated to approximately 130 degrees. We let it steep for about 5-10 mins (10 mins is more than enough).There is no doubt about it, Death Wish coffee is no joke. Not only did my wife like the coffee, she sent me a message later that day saying the one cup she had made her feel much more alert and awake later in the day. That being said, if you are sensitive to caffeine, definitely scale back from your normal number of scoops and intake.

Everyone has their preference on how to drink coffee, some like the standard drip, or K-Cups or French Press. Either way, if you are picky about what you drink and are looking for a stronger, American brand, definitely give Death Wish a try. The main reason I like it is it is different than the typical run of the mill coffee like you would get at Starbucks (not burnt). Even when I am on the go, I have a portable French press that I use and just add hot water to two tablespoons of coffee.


The pound of coffee I was sent lasted a decent amount of time, mainly because I didn’t feel the need to drink 3 cups in the morning. I can see someone really liking this coffee for two reasons; the first would be because they want the bold, strong flavor. The second would be the extra caffeine that’s in the coffee. Someone on the go can have one quick cup in a travel mug and be satisfied.


The pricing options of Death Wish Coffee varies from a one time, $19.99 purchase options to 5 lbs, $79.99.

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