October 26, 2021

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Combatkit K9 Drinking Bowl

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This is going to be a short one, because the item at hand is extremely simple and yet utterly important. Since we got a dog my plan has been to go out into the wild and adventure with the doggo as much as I can. He is my ultimate adventure buddy! And his presence in our family has given me also a perfect opportunity to tip my toes into the K9 gear end of the pool.

There are a lot of military inspired and outdoors gear out there for the man’s best friend. Most of which are quite unnecessary for me, unfortunately. I mean, my Golden retriever really does not need a 500€ ($562.00 USD) First Spear K9 harness, no matter how cool it would be. But there are some things that have piqued my interest.

The first and so far the only item I have got for the doggo from a “tactical” manufacturer is the Combatkit’s K9 Drinking Bowl.

Hydration is perhaps the single most important thing when going out on a hike. You need to remember to take care of your own water, but when you have children or animals with you, you need to take care of their water supply too. The K9 Drinking Bowl is a handy way to do that for a dog.

The Manufacturer

CombatKit is an European manufacturer that has apparently started in Norway, but operates in Croatia nowadays, at least judging by their address.

Their motto is “made by soldiers for soldiers”. They make quality tactical gear for soldiers and are popular amongst European military personnel, albeit a little bit under the radar brand.

All of their fabrics and parts are quality, military grade stuff. And they offer a variety of European camo patterns and woodland friendly solid colours in their products.

Check out their website here

The K9 Drinking Bowl

The K9 Drinking Bowl is a very simple product. It is a bowl made of outer shell is made of military grade cordura. It is not specified, but I would guess it is 500D. Inner shell is made of a polyester fabric that is waterproof. CombatKit says that the bowl can hold 1,5 litres of liquid.

And those are the specs. The bowl comes in many different colours and camos, like olive drab, German Flektarn, US M81 Woodland etc.

In Finland it costs 15€ ($16.39), which is not much in my opinion.

Personal experience

I got one bowl at first for drinking water. Previously we had carried different hard plastic cups and bottle/bowl combos. But the plastic containers were a nuisance to carry and pack. So when I spotted the CombatKit bowl, I ordered it instantly!

And I could not be more happy with the bowl. I ordered the first one in British DPM, one of my favorite camos.

The bowl is really easy to use and carry with you everywhere you go. It folds easily into small space and does not weight anything really.

We have used it for drinking water, but also for food. The grease in the food makes the inside shell a bit dirty, so you need to clean it thoroughly!

So the bowl is a multitask item. We actually bought another one just for food, so that we have two separate bowls for the dog all times on a hike too, as we have at home regularly.

The soft construction also means that you can place it on any surface and it will not spill, at least too badly. On the trails with roots and rocks it stays nicely put and does not slide. I have also taken it to the office with me for the dog, so it solves my worries of a drinking bowl there too.

I have also thought that the bowl might be useful even without a dog, for carrying water from a stream or washing dishes on a hike etc. But so far I have only used it for the dog.

I have had the older bowl now for a year or so and it is holding up very nicely. All the stitching and the construction is in perfect order. But I think that over time the water and the grease from the food will make the inside fabric frail. And with all the folding this will happen eventually too. So I think it will start to leak, but at that point the bowl will have served its purpose time and again.

In conclusion, it is a simple but effective item for the purpose it is meant for. The fact that several dog owners have asked me about it clearly points to the fact that this is a genuinely good working item.


Material Disclosure

I received this product via my own funds. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.


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