December 2, 2021

Spotter Up

In Depth Tactical Solutions


This fire now consumes me; in thundering fury, falls silent my souls lament.

I alone it’s genesis, self-righteous cure;
Quell my thoughts and torments, in self destruction.
Its consequences have not ceased; dismantling my equanimity.

The moments of false hope the fire to dwindle; to breathe life clear, ascertain peace forgotten.

Finding rest and tranquility; the smoke to clear, glance the sky for cloud break. Chaos and betrayal whisper, Awake.

Howling winds of circumstance fast and strong; without justification to stoke again, this perpetual fire by my ignorant hands.

Yet I have accepted my consequences and failures; shames and foolishness of youth.

For now I have become a slave to circumstance; a hostage of perpetual suffering, no longer by my hands.

I have learned my lessons and paid my dues; why must this continue, my wrongs long past.

Is this my lot, my burden to bare; to give hope in suffering, devoid of sense. That others be warmed by its radiant heat.

This fire that burns, born in chaos;
Purpose clear, through suffering and pain shall I be the tinder.

I shall give myself to it’s hunger, that I may burn with it; no longer victim, through acceptance now victor.
Made new in the refinement of it’s flames and give light to the darkness.

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