This is my review of the Bergara Wilderness B14. I tested and evaluated this rifle for about 3 months. Please note that the Magpul bipod, Wiebad cheek pad, Leupold scope, and CGS suppressor were my own and were not included with the rifle. This was not a paid review. It’s a fair and honest review of my thoughts and opinions on how this rifle performs. #rifle #range #tactical #training #stormtacticalconsulting #gearreview #longrange #precisionrifle #hunter

By Fred

Fred is a 20-year veteran of the Army Special Operations Command and the owner of Storm Tactical Consulting, Fred served as a Special Forces Medic for a number of years before trying out and getting selected to serve as an operator in a Special Missions Unit. Over a long career, Fred has served as an Assaulter, Breacher, Medic, Sniper, Human Intel Specialist, and finishing up as a Dog Handler. Fred’s background 20 years of service as an 18 Delta Green Beret Medic, and later as an operator in the Army’s Special Missions Unit

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