August 12, 2022

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Benchmade 1120 Longhand — New Bolt Action EDC Pen Upgrades Your Penmanship

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Benchmade 1120 Longhand Stainless Steel Pen & Benchmade 9070SBK-1 Claymore Knife

Benchmade® Knife Company makes great knives. It makes some great pens too. The newly introduced Longhand and Shorthand pen line definitely falls into that category. Designed for Every Day Carry (EDC), the line consists of two pocket-friendly sizes (3.49” and 4.62”) and two different material options (tumble finished 303 stainless steel and Mil-Spec black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum) for each.

The Longhand and Shorthand pens are designed to be easy to carry and comfortable to write with. They feature precision CNC machined knurling and grooves, as well as an AXIS® style bolt action mechanism and a pocket clip. They employ Fisher Space Pen® PR cartridges. Both pens have a 0.45″ diameter.

Benchmade 1120 Longhand Stainless Steel Pen

Longhand pen is engineered to provide a comfortable and secure grip, It is CNC machined from 303 stainless steel or 6061-T6 aluminum and features a tumbled stainless steel or Mil-Spec black anodized finish.

I opted for the Longhand in stainless steel. When the pen arrived, I was immediately impressed. The photos on the Benchmade website don’t do it justice. It is an exceptionally high-quality writing instrument in all respects.

Although designed to pass muster in most any situation, whether it be world travel or the corporate boardroom, the solid construction and ergonomics nevertheless ensure that it can be used effectively for more than just writing should the need ever arise. It will draw attention, but in a good way.

First and foremost, it is a writing instrument. And it is an outstanding one too. The stainless-steel Longhand has a solid, hefty feel that I really like. It is exceptionally well balanced and comfortable in the hand. It doesn’t tire the hand when writing. The texturing provides for a very good grip. Although I don’t find it to be an issue, some may find the weight of the stainless-steel Longhand to be a tad on the heavy side for front shirt pocket carry and choose to opt for the aluminum version.

Benchmade AXIS Style Bolt Action

Longhand pen features ambidextrous AXIS style bolt action mechanism. Pen is equipped with a strong, stainless steel pocket clip.

The Longhand is my first bolt action pen. Bolt action pens are a type of retractable pen that extend the ink cartridge for writing by the movement of a “bolt” in a downward direction and then locking it in. Unlocking and allowing the spring to move the bolt up retracts the ink cartridge.

The AXIS style bolt action mechanism of the Longhand and Shorthand pens is simple, robust and operates very smoothly. It allows for easy one-handed ambidextrous operation, which is essential for any duty pen. Another plus to the bolt action is that it won’t result in a negligent discharge in your pocket, which can easily happen with  many clicker-type retractable pens.

Fisher Space Pen PR Cartridge

A pen is only as good as its cartridge. Benchmade went with the very best cartridge for the intended hard-duty use applications of its pens. The Fisher Space Pen PR cartridge is a hermetically sealed pressurized cartridge with a tungsten carbide tip that is precisely fitted to avoid leaks. The cartridge uses a special thixotropic visco-elastic ink. It provides an unparalleled writing smoothness and capability.

The Fisher Space Pen PR cartridge ensures that the pen will work, no matter what the conditions. It writes in all weather conditions, at any angle and even in zero gravity. It performs in temperatures from -30°F to 250°F (-34°C to 121°C) and underwater to depths of 35 feet (11m). It is the choice of both NASA and the Russian space program for use in space.

To replace the pen cartridge, you simply unscrew the body tip. The Longhand uses Fisher Space Pen PR pen cartridges.

The Longhand and Shorthand pens come with a black ink cartridge. Refill cartridges are available from Benchmade in black and blue.  Additional colors are available wherever pen refills are sold. The only downside the Fisher Space Pen PR cartridge is the cost of each cartridge. They run around $7.00, which is considerably more than standard pen refills. To change ink cartridges on the pens you simply unscrew the body tip.

To Sum Up

Benchmade clearly has a real winner in its new Longhand and Shorthand pen line. The Longhand pen that I received is outstanding in every respect. MSRP for the Longhand is $130 (aluminum) and $160 (stainless steel). The Shorthand has a MSRP of $120 (aluminum) and $150 (stainless steel). Although certainly not inexpensive, pricing is actually quite reasonable for pens of this quality. The pens come nicely boxed and make a great gift!

The Longhand and Shorthand are made in the USA. They have a limited lifetime warranty.

Benchmade Longhand & Shorthand Family

Benchmade 1121-1 Shorthand Aluminum & Benchmade 1120-1 Longhand Aluminum. Photo: Benchmade.

Model: 1120 Longhand Family
Manufacturer: Benchmade

: Ball Point Pen
Length: 4.62” | 11.73cm
Diameter: 0.45” | 11.53mm
Material: 303 Stainless Steel or 6061-T6 Aluminum
Finish: Tumbled Stainless Steel or Mil-Spec Black Anodized
Mechanism: AXIS Style Bolt Action
Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen PR
Use: Every Day
Country of Origin: USA
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
MSRP: $130-$160

Model: 1121 Shorthand Family
Manufacturer: Benchmade
Type: Ball Point Pen
Length: 3.49” | 8.86cm
Diameter: 0.45” | 11.53mm
Material: 303 Stainless Steel or 6061-T6 Aluminum
Finish: Tumbled Stainless Steel or Mil-Spec Black Anodized
Mechanism: AXIS Style Bolt Action
Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen PR
Use: Every Day
Country of Origin: USA
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
MSRP: $120-$150


Benchmade Knife Company Inc,

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