January 23, 2021

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Be Principled

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“If you want to be a rebel in this world be principled.”~Michael Kurcina. Honestly, if you want to be misunderstood become a rebel; rebels by their very nature are going to confuse a lot of people with their actions and message but let’s hope the story they desire to deliver to the world is noteworthy. On the surface many rebel’s messages seem practical but the more we get below the surface many a rebel’s message is as impractical as the next one; Marxism, Nazism, Communism.

So many men create great philosophies inside their head but no one outside of their mind can live them. In his book Babel the writer Umberto Ecco noted a conquering army could either destroy a culture, leave it alone or integrate with it. The Romans attempted to do all three at various locations and times. In our own modern age we are finding it tremendously difficult to get agreement for what is sensible to unite a diverse culture; that doesn’t mean we should give up on trying to make society better.

Every generation believes it has the right to reform the world; every man needs to carry a little bit of what appears absurd in his head to change what he believes is a too orderly and inauthentic world; but he should have principles. The rational man brings rationale to an insensible world. Those who succeed as much as they seem a rebel are those who are the most principled; Ghandi, George Fox, Eliot, Jesus, etc.

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