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Recently Mike asked if I would do a review based on my experience teaching survival for my own company called San Diego School Of Survival as well a taking veterans outdoors with my non-profit, Triple B Adventures. (Shameless plug for both organizations)  So I said hell yeah man let’s do it. About a week later, I got a package from “Armpocket”. Armpocket even sent me a note letting me know if I have any questions to give them a call. I received two arm pockets and an extension, I’ll tell you why later. The first one has a zipper to open and close the pocket, which makes it easy to open while running, jogging and working out. The second one is really cool as it is waterproof and one can take it surfing, diving and other water activities. This won’t be your typical review on the performance though. Only because I did not use it in the way it was designed and so reviewing it based on its current design would not be fair. However I will review the way in which I used it and how it worked for the purpose I used it for.

I will be honest, I am not a big fan of water like my SEAL buddy Perry Yee of “Active Valor” who also reviewed this product. Nay, I am land mammal Marine who likes to stay dry, so, I headed up to the mountains to see how it will do as a survival kit. We all know survival kits should be no bigger than an Altoids can and be in your pockets at all times. The idea being if you have to drop your pack and all you have are the clothes on your back that as long as you have an Altoids can full of select items, you should survive. I have never liked this idea; I carry my survival items and a few other things in another product I will review later on. Every good kit should be customized towards the environment you are facing, and this can be done by meticulous research, and staying to the plan you develop before your adventure. For me, I live in San Diego, so I take items with me that would be more rational to have on me while in the San Diego backcountry.  The basics items should always involve ways of procuring fire, water, food, shelter, and rescue. I tend to carry items that I have used before. Check out the picture to see what I carry for my survival kit. Understand, I have used all of the items in many situations and all for a reason(s) other than its intended use. For questions on why I carry these items or how I use them, feel free to email me as I only have 1000 words to write this.

Now, as mentioned before, the intended use was to be strapped to your arm for running, surfing, and working out. However, I have a principle that when buying gear or equipment, I find a use other than what it was designed for. So for this kit, I decided to strap it to my leg as I am not a fan with the weight being a burden on my upper arm. With the extension strap they provided me I was able to extend the girth and get it up over my calf. The Armpocket would now sit below my kneecap and above my calf; from there I can pull my pant leg over it. I took it out for a few trips in the woods. The soft material was really nice. I spent all day teaching Land Nav in the Mountains just east of San Diego to a kid going into “BUDS” and I completely forgot about it until I sat down at the end of the course. The kit holds everything I have put into it and then some really, really well. Take your time packing it and inventory what you put in there, you can fit everything you need in there if you pay attention to how it fits. The trick to survival kits is to be meticulous about those items, know them intimately, and to be able to use it effectively for your survival. Most survival kits sit in your pack are never opened, so the last thing you need in survival is to be confused or unsure of what to do.  As far as the waterproof pouch goes, I keep that near by before I set out on a hike. If its morning, raining, snowy or damp, I would switch the kit out to keep everything dry.

I work a full-time job doing executive protection, unfortunately its in California and I am un-armed. That being said I still keep an EDC that doesn’t all fit into my pockets or I wear clothing in which my EDC creates an unprofessional image. My EDC contains an Emerson knife, Spyderco rescue knife, multi tool, Sharpie, Rats TQ, and a tac-light. I figured I would try to wear the Armpocket on my ankle to hold the TQ, Multitool, and tac-light. Since I was aiming for an ankle carry on this occasion I took the extension off. I pulled it tight around my ankle but I began to notice after a few steps, the Armpocket would ride down to my lower ankle and would make me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about it showing. I decided to put the extender back on and slide it up back to just below my kneecap but it was bulgy in my slacks. I know wearing a gun is a little different and holsters are made specifically to ride on the ankle so I wont down this product about this issue, as it wasn’t meant for this type of use.

The soft material was comfortable, easy to carry and modular for different uses, which I love. I can’t find any fault with this product for what I used it for anyway. Give the product a try yourself for what I used it for. Its better than using an Altoids can and doesn’t take up your pockets.

  1. Fits devices and cases up to 7.0″ (17.78 cm) tall
  2. No-slip fit. Adjustable, vented straps available in Medium or Large strap lengths. Wear on your arm, leg, bike and more.
  3. Memory foam padding, soft, natural bamboo and patented wing design for superior comfort.
  4. Responsive touch screen and easy side button control.
  5. Safely and securely carry your essentials like phone + rugged case, ID, credit cards, keys, money and more with multiple interior storage compartments.
  6. Easy glide dual zipper opening with Zip-n-stow to lock in zipper pulls.
  7. Multi audio port access with dust/debris protective fabric cover.
  8. Rated #1 armband DropProof & WeatherProof- Armpocket came out on top after rigorous laboratory testing for protection and durability. Certified Mil-Grade Protection and awarded a splash/sweat protection level of IPX4.
  9. Dimensions (H x W x D): 7” x 3.75” x 0.75” (17.8 cm x 9.5 cm x 1.9 cm)
  10. Fits iPhone 8/7/6 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, Note 5, S8+, Pixel 2 XL or Pixel XL with cases like Otterbox or Mophie batter pack
  11. Weight 5 ounces
  12. Strap Lengths: Small fits upper arm 7-11″; Medium fits upper arm 10-15″; Large fits upper arm 13-18″

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