The idea is pretty simple.  Most people exercise with their phone.  The days of Q-tip MP3 players are gone, and people take their phones everywhere.  The problem, is where to put it.  Running with something in your pocket isn’t pleasant, nor is it very secure.  Not to mention it limits the wearer for a garment, well – with pockets.  This takes  Silkies out of the equation, which is simply unacceptable.  Several manufacturers tackled the idea by designing fanny packs, which is not only cumbersome, it makes you want to find your Sonny Walkman and those big fuzzy…  Well, I am not sure if everyone knows what a Walkman is anyway.

Enter the armband idea.  Again, seems simple.  Put your phone into something that holds it, out of the way, secure, and let’s roll.  I have went through several such designs.  Most have either do not fit phone or fit it too lovely, had no rooms for anything else, tangled up the cord with corded headphones, were not secure enough overall.  What sets Armpocket apart from all of the above is also pretty simple.  Attention to detail.  The company has clearly committed to doing one thing and doing it well.

To start with, there is no one case fits all.  When you order an Armpocket, you pick the type of phone it will suit, and the overall type of case, if any, you’re using.  This eliminates many issues from the start.  Several smart features make Armpocket unique, and truly enjoyable to use.   The case is made from soft, double layer recycled plastic (PET), which has a little of a wet suit neoprene feel, and is padded on the back – the part the goes on your arm.  Not only does this make the Armpocket comfortable, the lining on the back seems to move the sweat from your arm, and after several uses, my Armpocket has no odor.  It also dries quickly.  Armpocket calls this “sweat and weather proof”. I actually took the case swimming to see how quick it would dry.  It is no worse for the wear.


Another custom feature, is several lengths of the arm strap to choose from.  This eliminates the extra loose material, and makes the Armpocket that much more functional.  The strap itself has vent holes, and a working end with smooth hook, while the remaining part is entirely loop.  The adjustment is very generous, whether you size you bicep up or down.  The face of the Armpocket case is a large, clear plastic window.  I wanted to see how it would last with severe use.  Again, there are no cracks or scratches after multiple uses in different environments, and the clear portion offers ample protection for your screen.

The window opens to the interior compartment by a quality 1/2 zipper.  Meaning that it opens halfway down on each side.  The zipper has a pull tab which is very handy and easy to use on the move.  Actually, the proper term would be compartments, as there are several staggered sections behind the rubber band which securely holds your phone.  This is super functional, because not only can you carry a phone, but also key or keys (when your Silkies key pocket is full), cards, ID, and even a package of Quick Clot, which depending on where you’re using the Armpocket should not be too far on the list. Back to the strap though.  A tough large D type plastic ring is what secures the working end around the user, and is complimented by additional material on the edges of the case.  These eliminate pinching, and help wrap the actual case around your arm, not just the strap.  Nothing I did made the case, or the phone loose.

Not the least  of the features is a zipper tab, or the “zip -n-stow”.  While your Blue Force Gear chapstick might fit really nicely in there, the idea is to secure the zipper pulls inside this hook and loop piece.  As is in the true Spotter Up fashion, we often use test products for purposes slightly off from the intended overt use.  In this case, I tried the Armpocket as an angle carry accessory, a GPS unit holder, and as a way to use the phone for video recording on the move.  All worked seamlessly.  The ability to use a touchscreen through the window will probably vary based on the type of phone or screen protector already in use. Not the least of the features, is a handphone cord access, which reminds me of a small hydration tube routing on a ruck.

I could not be happier with this case, and hope that your search for a running partner accessory is now over.  With a multitude of colors, sizes and fitments Armpocket offers, you can’t go wrong, and I have absolutely nothing I would change about it.  The Armpocket sells in the range of $35-$45.  To top it off, the  company offers outstanding customer service and product support, all the way to instructions on using it with specific phone and cases. Use coupon code coupon code SPOTTERUP15 for 15% off your Armpocket order.

Material Disclosure

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By Rab

Rab has been in public service for some 17 years, holding several specialized assignments, and becoming a law enforcement and emergency services instructor. He has 10 years in the military and currently serving as a reservist, fire team leader and medic. He enjoys learning, writing, doing grunt work, and helping other vets in need. To further that goal, they started Grunt’s BBQ and Easy Company. A future mobile chow hall, coming to an AO near you.

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