by Frank Moss

With this information, you can create a secure access area utilizing a keypad, electronic lock and battery backup/Solar Charger for $300.00. With a little knowhow, you can add locks, change from fail secure/locked (as listed below) to fail safe/unlocked or remove the solar charger. This kit also has the ability to be wired into your existing home alarm and trigger if tampered with.

You can also power this off the alarm board, but I do not recommend tampering with your alarm’s backup power supply as a miswire could leave your castle without a functioning alarm. As always, SurviveSeptember takes or accepts no responsibility for your actions and provides no warranty, guarantee or any other liability. This is information only, it’s up to you to be responsible with it. 

Wiring Guide:

When talking about connecting to battery + or – you do not need to connect directly to the terminal, you are to connect to a feeder line or “rail”. I will refer to this as +Rail or -Rail. To add a lock follow the same connections listed in “Electric Lock”. The Tamper N.C. is the alarm connection. Be careful here, if you connect it wrong you could have weird alarm happenings or disable the alarm sensors all together. If you have any questions here, please consult your alarm professional.


    • 12V +: connect to +Rail
    • 12V – : connect to -Rail
    • N.O. : connect to Electronic Lock Orange
    • COM : connect to -Rail
    • N.C. :
    • EG : connect to Egress Button +
    • Tamper N.C +/- : connect to Alarm 24hr N.C. Zone (Optional)

Electric Lock

    • Orange : Connect to Keypad N.O.
    • Brown : Connect to -Rail
    • Red : Connect to +Rail

Egress Button

    • EG+ : connect to Keypad EG
    • EG- : connect to -Rail


    • 12V+ : connect to feeder line/+Rail wire
    • 12V- : connect to feeder line/-Rail wire

Solar Charger

    • 12V+ : connect to Battery 12V+
    • 12V- : connect to Battery 12V-

Parts List from

You will also need some extra wire in at least Red and Black to keep +/- separate, soldering iron or crimp connectors (the bell type work best).

Qty.DescriptionItem PriceTotal


70423Enforcer Digital Keypad with 1-Relay OutputSale $35.96$35.96


77245SECO-LARM SD-997A-DQ Fail-Secure Electric Deadbolt 12VDCSale $168.97$168.97


44395Universal Power Group 40800 UB1270-12V 7Ah AGM Sealed Lead Acid BatterySale $15.88$15.88


70464SECO-LARM Enforcer Single Gang Request-to-Exit Plate with 2″ Illuminated Green PushbuttonSale $29.81$29.81


33290Nature Power 40014 6 Watt Solar Battery Trickle ChargerSale $54.77$54.77

By Frank Moss

Well traveled in Europe and North Africa, Frank Moss has lived in England, Germany and Italy thanks to sabbaticals taken by his father, an award winning physicist. Notable positions held during his almost 20 year IT career are founding engineer of IBM's SmartCloud, Cloud Architect for SPAWAR, and Cloud Architect for CenturyLink's FedRAMP Cloud Project. He specializes in architectural security compliance (secure by design) and holds a C|EH. When not working, Frank enjoys outdoor activities, shooting, camping and spending time with his wife and children. You can find Frank at one of his two sites: or

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