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The PHLster Flex: Every Day Carry Your Way

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The PHLster Flex: Every Day Carry Your Way

When I first talked with Jon of PHLster Holsters (, it was about a new product he was about to release. Anxious to know more, I asked for a chance to review it and he graciously obliged. Although I was intrigued from the start, I have to say this is one of the most innovative pieces of gear I’ve seen in a long time!

So what is the Flex? It is a flexible panel of Hypalon fabric, with laser cut slots and holes. These slots and holes allow you to attach nearly anything you can think of to the panel via MOLLE straps, studs and screws, or even zip ties. This allows you to mount the items at any angle you wish. The result is a lightweight, breathable, extremely durable panel that is 100% customizable for your carry gear and requirements. The beauty is in its sheer ingenious design.

The Flex arrives with plenty of mounting hardware, to include soft loops and clips. Jon has numerous videos posted on YouTube showing how to attach everything, including various holsters and pouches. They are simple, easy to follow videos that will have your Flex up and running in minutes. You can use most any holster with the Flex, allowing you the freedom of choice and not being limited to PHLsters line of holsters. Some folks choose to run their flex without a holster, instead using the extra space for an additional pouch. There is a Facebook group, aptly named PHLster Flex Users Group, where a myriad of options for the Flex can be found.

I loved this piece of gear so much, it’s hard to know where to begin! One of the most appealing features to me was its complete modularity, allowing full customization. Unlike the competition, you are not forced to have multiple rigs for multiple weapons and magazines. Using just the Flex, you can carry any weapon and magazines you want provided you have a holster you can mount. You can also set it up however you want, for whatever requirements you want. Need to carry an IFAK? The flex can easily hold a TQ, hemostatic gauze, chest seal, NPA, and decompression needle. You can divide it into both medical and spare mags. Knives, flashlights, OC, Tasers, it’ll work with it all. You can have multiple Flex panels set up for different requirements, or you can cut the Flex to make it smaller or a different shape as needed.

One of the other amazing features is that the holster and pouches mount to the Flex itself. This means the only hardware showing on your belt are the 2 loops or clips on the Flex (one on each end of the panel). Instead of having 1 or 2 loops or clips for every item you carry, there will be just two clips. This provides for a very reduced signature, resulting in a much lower profile. This can be hugely important for those working undercover or plain clothes assignments or those working in a job that is a “semi-permissive” environment.

I also love having a “grab and go” rig. What I mean is that using the Flex, I can carry my complete EDC and have just 1 item to put on or take it off as needed. No more needing to stuff every pocket of my pants with different items! No more excuses for not taking all of your EDC with you! It is so much more convenient and efficient to just get dressed and throw the Flex on.

The Flex truly shines when using low profile pouches, such as the Ten Speed line from Blue Force Gear or the pouches offered by Snake Eater Tactical. The Flex’s Hypalon fabric is fairly breathable, even in humid Southern summers. It molds and contours itself to your body with your every move, unlike the rigid Kydex competitors. The Flex is available from PHLster for just $34,95, with the option to add a holster and pouches to your order at a discounted price. Comfort, concealable, durable, customizable for all your needs and all at a price that can’t be beat. The Flex from PHLster gets a solid recommendation from me!

Cost: 5/5

Comfort: 4/5

Durability: 5/5

Functionality: 5/5

Weight: 5/5

Overall Rating: 24/25 – Excellent

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