September 26, 2022

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2020 Combatives Training

2020 Combatives Training

Bring On A New Decade

The new decade brings us the next level with 2020 being the year of Combatives training.

Very few people can properly integrate weaponry into fighting. Mindset can only take you so far.

You cannot mindset weapon retention. SKILLS win fights!

If you have been shooting, training martial arts, and so on it’s time to go to the next level in 2020 with Combatives training.

Learn from legitimate experts on how to merge your training properly. Here are 3 up and coming instructors you need to see.

  1. Ben Aubin: Redbeard Combatives

2020 Combatives Training
2020 Combatives Training

Ben Aubin of Redbeard Combatives is an instructor dedicated to providing the type of Combatives training where theory meets reality.

An engineer by trade Ben can see something for all of its various “parts.” With that ability, he can find high percentage resolutions where most others either accept failure(death) or abandon questioning any/all inherited answers.

Couple that with having a unique tactical background, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and shooting expertise; Ben easily separates himself as an innovator in Combatives training and someone you need to see in 2020.

Most people see the Jiu-Jitsu credential and think that’s all they’re going to get. You could not be any more wrong if that’s what you think.

I took Ben’s Gun & Knife Defense class this past August and was very impressed with his thoughtful and intelligent approach. The defenses we covered were more about how to take a practical offense versus trying to play catch up with a defense.

Click here for more information on Redbeard Combatives.

  1. Cliff Byerly: Hill Country Combatives


2020 Combatives Training
2020 Combatives Training

Retired Recon Marine, Retired LAPD (Gang and Narcotics), and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt.

Cliff Byerly of Hill Country Combatives exclusively trains active Law Enforcement and Military. I’ve never seen anyone care about so much about getting the guys on the line proper Combatives training.

I asked him directly why he would only train public service if he could have a lucrative business teaching the casual civilian.

His answer was “Coming from that background I understand what’s going on in the departments. Their families deserve better.”

I’ve been training with Cliff for months at his compound in the beautiful Texas countryside. I always leave much more capable than when I arrived.

Officers and Military members come from all over the great state of Texas to train with Cliff.

Every month Cliff will host a FREE training event for public servants called “Fight Church.”

We fight with guns, we drink bourbon, and we make our forefathers proud. It’s a literal lottery ticket if you need high quality and proven training. Not to mention a great getting to be around solid and like-minded folks.

All Female LE High Risk Control Options
All Female LE High-Risk Control Options


Departments, Units, and individuals can rest assured that they will get far beyond their money’s worth training with Cliff.

In my opinion, with our guys being under such scrutiny by the media and the public “High-Risk Control Options” is a must for EVERY Law Enforcement Agency in the country.

He is also the only person I’ve seen in the industry providing an all-female LE/MIL defensive tactics course.

“The Day Chooses You!”

Click here for more information on Hill Country Combatives

  1. Matt Larsen


2020 Combatives Training
2020 Combatives Training

Widely regarded as the “Father of Modern Combatives” the Former Army Ranger is a legend and pioneer in the Modern Combatives world.

Since retiring from a “life of gunfighting” Matt now continues to develop tomorrow’s leaders at the West Point Military Academy.

Matt is currently the Director of Combatives for the Physical Education department. He is also currently developing some brilliant work in Evolutionary Combat Psychology.

If you fancy yourself the type of person that makes those around you safer than I highly recommend you take the time to read or listen to Matt’s work.

Listen to my conversation with Matt on Spotter Up, which can be found HERE.

Lacerda Cup 2020
Lacerda Cup 2020

Also, consider supporting Combatives training by spreading the word about the “Lacerda Cup” (formally the “All-Army” Combatives championship) happening April 13-17 at Fort Benning, GA. You will also be able to meet Matt Larsen in person if you attend.

To compete you need to be an active Military member but anyone can be a spectator or a sponsor.

Spotter Up will be there as a premium sponsor and vendor for the Lacerda Cup. We will be showcasing our original apparel and more!

Please email if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor.

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