Make sure you’re tracking the weights you’re using. I want you to see your progress on these movements as we progress through the cycle. The product The Omega Project is putting out is pretty cool if you’re in need of a training journal.

I need intensity on the landmine push press. I want you to accelerate the bar like you are punching through a wall. The weight you record should just be the weight on the bar, not the bar itself.

Get a good stretch in your lat on bent over row and match that same intensity during the concentric portion of the movement.

Remember on the KB lunges that your depth is determined by your ability to maintain a loaded hamstring. If your ROM is weak right now then we will fix it through mobility. The loaded hamstring is the demand we are imposing to drive a specific adaptation. Sweat for a purpose.

We’ll close out a good week of training with some upper body hypertrophy work.

Make sure you’re taking care of your body outside of the gym as well. The foam rolling slide is a suggestion for target areas. It can be done as part of your training session or anytime during the day.

By Brian T

Hey guys, I'm Brian. I've been in the military around 11 years at this point in 11 and 18 series jobs. I started Modern Athlete Strength Solutions not just to give it the cool nickname of MASS, but to provide free strength and conditioning training to those that want to cut through the BS, not pay $100 for a generic program, and develop their athleticism through qualified S&C coaches. I am also the Executive Director at Operation RSF, a 501c3 non-profit that provides education and community initiatives on how fitness benefits mental health.

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