On August 1st we are kicking off the first installment of our Lean MASS nutrition program.  This isn’t a program designed to cut your calories to the point where you are starving each day, or having to miss out on taking the family out to dinner.  In fact, I don’t even need you to count calories at all during this.  What this program is designed to do is introduce principles based in science and research data, and provide you the most easy and efficient way to incorporate this into your lifestyle.

We’re going to do this by adding two things to your diet and taking away two things.  That’s it.  The two things we are going to add:  1.) Hitting target water consumption based off your body weight.  2.)  Hitting target protein (measured in grams) based off body weight.  The two things we are going to take away:  1.) Added sugar.  Natural sugars – such as fruit – are fine.  2.) Alcohol.  Taking it out is the goal, but I’m also a realist about the social aspect of it.  If we’re not taking it out completely, then we still need a plan to limit it and also talk about how to do it in a way that doesn’t add inches to the waist line.

How are we going about implementing this program?  Well, you can visit our page on Instagram (@modernathletestrength) and hit the link in bio to sign up (and we appreciate any support there) or you can simply click the link below.  Registration for the event is $10, and for that small amount, it gets you unlimited access to our certified Sports Nutrition coach from August 1st – 31st.  You can provide updates on daily weigh-ins, ask any questions, receive meal prep assistance, and basically anything to make him earn his certification.  Many companies charge $75+ per month for that level of access to certified coaches, and all we are asking for is $10, and that’s because we want to get as many people exposed to principle based nutrition methodologies, and away from the gimmicks.  Oh, and we also want to give every cent of what is earned through this to the Green Beret Foundation, who do an incredible job of supporting our nation’s warriors.

I think you’ll find that by hydrating properly, and eating nutrient dense/high protein meals, you’ll be satisfied much longer and the cravings won’t come around as much as you think.  This is why I don’t really need anyone to track calories during this, because I want you to see how these small changes affect your overall hunger and keep you satisfied longer.

If you’re already doing this stuff and want to sign up and use our nutrition coach to expand your knowledge on things like meal timing, carb cycling, supplementation, gut health, or whatever it is you can think of, then be our guest.  The important thing is that we are getting people signed up and giving back to the Green Beret Foundation.

This is our first run at this, and we hope to make this a regular event to donate to a foundation that supports veterans.

Hit the link below to sign up and please pass this along to anyone who might be wanting to take the first steps to creating changes that last a lifetime.

Lean MASS Tickets, Sun, Aug 1, 2021 at 12:00 AM | Eventbrite

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