In this episode, Dale Comstock, former Delta Force operator and Green Beret, shares his diverse experiences in the military, private sector, and Hollywood. He discusses the rigorous training and selection processes in special forces, the importance of physical fitness and nutrition, and the misconceptions surrounding these topics. Dale and I both share a common bond in that our keen interest in health and fitness – along with our success in fitness and strength sports defined our success in our Elite endeavours. He addressed the concerns about the decline in physical standards and the concept of toxic masculinity, emphasizing the need for rites of passage and a sense of purpose for young men. He shares his personal strategies for managing stress and achieving success, and highlights his ongoing work in security and life coaching. In addition to his extensive military background, Dale Comstock is also highly qualified in the areas of nutrition, sports, and health. With a deep understanding of the importance of physical fitness, he emphasizes the role of proper nutrition in optimizing performance and overall well-being. Dale’s expertise in sports and health further enhances his ability to guide individuals towards achieving their fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through his own experiences and knowledge, he brings a holistic approach to his work, ensuring that individuals not only excel physically but also prioritize their mental and emotional well-being. You can find Dale at And on Insta at   / officialamericanbadass  

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