August 18, 2022

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“The American News Media – A Marine’s Diatribe”

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I wrote this poem back in 2005 while stationed with 2nd BTO Company, USMC, on Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia. The entire poem is still very relevant today; without any editing.  Enjoy……

“The American News Media – A Marine’s Diatribe”

By D.K. Devaney


The American news media is definitely left of center,

they spew their rhetoric and act like they are better,

how many have spent a day in uniform?

Yet they think they are experts in every forum.


They attack the police at every chance,

till they need their help while pissing their pants,

they attack the military with a vibrant vigor,

while they go to a bar for another jigger.


They talk about peace and happiness while eating gumbo,

then they twist our heroic stories into mumbo jumbo,

they twist our stories and turn them into lies,

then they write a book on combat while Marines save lives.


If you want to criticize us, then pick up a gun,

or is that too much? It would ruin your fun.

You want us to fight so you can sleep peacefully at night,

but when asked to enlist, you run in fright.


You think with your education that you are pretty smart,

I respect you none, for not doing your part,

you think with your education that you are elite,

after a fifteen mile hike I wouldn’t let you kiss me feet.


You are an infecting public opinion with your lame story,

you wouldn’t last a second among the warriors who keep you free.

I respect the enemy, because at least he fights for his survival,

yet we will destroy him even with your lies that are so vial.


I hope the next time the terrorists attack; it is you that is their goal,

not your family, not your friends, but you – asshole!

I hate the TV and I hate the news and for you I do not give a hoot,

I want to smash you face and kick your ass with my combat boot.

“The American public is slow to learn, but not stupid. The cowards in the Universities and the news Media will infect the public with hopelessness and panic. You must give the Americans many casualties to unsettle their determination. Our people will suffer greatly, but we will hide the loses and the enemy must never discover how close he is to victory even now.”

1967 General Giap, V. C. Commander

If you are reading this, thank a teacher;

If you are reading this in English, thank a warrior.

Think about that………


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