Product: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Combat Pack MKII (Coyote)

Price: 160,00 €

Measurements: 51 x 29 x 15 cm

Volume: 22 liter

  • Main Pack: 16 liter
  • Front Pockets: 6 liter /ea

Material: CONDURA® denim

Testing Conditions: Range bag / Go bag

Test Time: 21 days

I am particular about which bags I will use as a go bag and use a testing process which involves using the bag as a range bag prior to transitioning to a go-bag. The things I am most interested in with regards to my go-bags are materials, construction, organization capabilities, and options. I will be covering each of these topics with regard to my overall opinion of the bag.

To give you some background, my previous go-bag was used on 5 deployments (all but my first), modified in a shop outside base to meet my specific needs (adding MOLLE to the sides and a handle), well-worn, and well-traveled. When this bag arrived, I immediately laid it out, to inspect the construction, search for loose threads, and inspect the quality of stitching throughout the entire bag (to include inside pockets).

The construction of the bag is certainly high quality. The construction doesn’t cut corners and it appears as though it will take a beating. There is an internal aluminum support which helps the bag stay rigid, which is a huge benefit when it comes to packing or unpacking the bag. The straps felt comfortable, even while wearing it over my kit which is a huge plus that many bags don’t offer.

They claim that you are able to detach the hip fins (with the waist belt) however mine were stitched on. I am still working through this but I like the use of the zipper pockets on the hip fins currently so I am not in a rush to remove the hip fins.

The side pockets are the perfect size for water bottles, Nalgene’s thinner bottles, or lickies and chewies. They are shallow and designed so they thin at the bottom a bit which was a bit frustrating when throwing water bottles in there. No water bottles fell out, I just wish it was slightly deeper and maybe a mesh.

Moving inside the main pocket, the mesh pockets along the sides were AMAZING and most likely my favorite aspect to this bag. They allow organization of batteries, spare parts, or med supplies to be readily accessible and not lost within the pack around all of the other gear.

While on the subject of the pockets, all of the zippers move to the bottom of the pockets which allow you to fully open the pouches and see what is inside in an organized manner. This will save you time as you won’t have to waste time digging around looking. Just unzip, flip open, grab, and go.

The MOLLE along the sides were perfect as I like to keep two emergency magazines for my rifle, and one emergency magazine for my pistol on the outside of my pack. I transferred these pouches from my old go-bag over to the Tasmanian bag.

It is one thing to write a review nit-picking the smallest details, but it is important to also offer ways that I would better the product. Below are my recommendations that I think would make the product even better, if it was left up to me.

Interior MOLLE for the main pack area. The fact that I can unzip the pack all the way and flop it wide open is amazing, but I need to be more organized to really see the benefit of that. Down range I don’t always have the opportunity to flop the go-bag open on flat ground, it might be on the side of a truck, or over a rock. I would like to make sure my gear wouldn’t go flying.

Deepen the side elastic pockets. I love these pockets but I would like to see some more depth in the pockets to keep larger water bottles from falling out. I prefer carrying 1L water bottles when possible, and a little more room would be great.


  1. Amazing construction, durable, great design, and can be used for multiple roles on the team. I am currently using this as my go-bag.
  2. Thumbs up on the zipper design as you can open the pockets wide open. Increase efficiency by getting right to what you need.
  3. External MOLLE is awesome, allows you to do quick customization, I wish there was internal MOLLE for internal organization.
  4. Long shoulder straps allow you to carry the pack comfortably even with kit on.
  5. Interior aluminum support keeps the pack rigid for efficient packing and unpacking.

Overall opinion:

Great pack, quality, and strong. Go give Tasmanian Tiger a visit and see everything they have to offer.

  • Chet

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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By Chet Stone

Special Forces veteran turned Vetpreneur. Chet served as a U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Communications sergeant and then as an Intelligence sergeant during his team time. With multiple combat deployments, visiting both Afghanistan and Iraq, Chet firmly believes that the Army took the best hair years of his life. Chet has a Masters of Science in Sports and Health Sciences and is in the process of completing another Masters of Science in Exercise Science. When he is not nerding out over physiology he spends his free time lifting weights, shooting guns and racing bikes (mountain and road). He believes in solar flares, sun spots, sporadic E and he lives by the motto of “do and learn everything you can, you only get one go at this life.

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