TANDEMKROSS “Accelerator” installed on Glock 34 MOS

Gain the competitive edge with the TANDEMKROSS “Accelerator”, a VERY high-quality thumb ledge that your Glock wants! Plain and simple, the TANDEMKROSS (TK) “Accelerator” provides you with a platform to establish precise hand positioning to better drive your Glock platform.

Allowing you forward thumb to be nicely seated with a solid grip you’re going immediately notice the difference in feel and control.

This thumb-ledge or also sometimes called a thumb-rest is for a right-handed shooter who uses an improved two-handed grip.

What models does it fit?

The TANDEMKROSS “Accelerator” will fit the “competition”, “standard”, and “long” size Glock models with easy install and a perfect fit. BUT without much effort at all I was able to also install this on a terminator themed Glock 19 as well, shown below. I’ve been shooting the G24 and G19 extensively and both run flawlessly. Installation on the G19 is a bit of a tight squeeze but not enough presure where I’m worried about bending/warping the polymer frame.

According to TK, the Competition Thumb Ledge fits the following Glock models:
Glock, Standard Model G17/G20/G21/G22/G24/G31/G37
Glock Competition G34/G35
Glock Long Slide G17L/ Mid 2002

My ridiculous terminator themed G19 Open Gun/Project Gun

The “Accelerator” is an 6061-T6 aluminum part produced in the U.S. and carries the lifetime warranty by TK. The quality of machining and durability is top notch as well.

Currently the “Accelerator” goes for $69.99 on the TK website and can also be discount/bundled with the “HALO” charging ring for Glock shooters. The “Accelerator” is also listed on Amazon (link below) for a few bucks more.

For any Glock competitive shooter who are browsing for a good thumb-ledge I would highly recommend checking out TANDEMKROSS, they have a great history with quality parts and I know this item will not disappoint.

Video of terminator g19 with “Accelerator” thumb ledge

With a consecutive solid grip being the starting point of any good pistol shooter, this thumb ledge legitimately supports just that. If you shoot in a division which allows thumb rests or just want to really drive your Glock more confidently, I say it’s a buy!



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