PS28-3 Night Vision Clip-On IR Optic

American Technologies Network Corp

Review by Fred Fusco

PS28-3 mounted to front of rifle scope

This is the gear review for PS28-3 Night Vision Clip-on Optic manufactured by ATN (American Technologies Network Corp). I will discuss the optic in four categories…Cost, Durability, Weight, and Function. Here are some of the manufacturer’s specifications:

  • Range of Focus                               25 yard/m to infinity
  • Magnification                                  1 X
  • Resolution                                       64 lp/mm
  • FOV                                                 13 °
  • Total Darkness                                 IR System Yes
  • Diopter Adjustment                        No
  • Automatic Brightness Control        Yes
  • Bright Light Cut-off                        Yes
  • Infrared Illuminator                        Detachable
  • IR Indicator                                     No
  • Low Battery Indicator                     No
  • Power Supply                                 1 x 3V (CR123A)
  • Battery Life                                     50 hours
  • Environmental Rating                    Water resistant

The PS28-3 Night Vision Clip-on has a retail price of $3799. This is significantly lower in price than many of the competitor brands for this product in gen 3 technology. Some of its competitors are more than two to three times the cost. This is the way to go for shooters who are on a budget looking for a well-designed night vision clip-on to convert a day scope to night capability. The company who manufactures the optic, ATN, offers a 2-year warranty.  More details can be found on the company’s website.

The overall durability and ruggedness of construction is very good. The unit is water resistant and the tube is filled with dried nitrogen to prevent fogging. I used it in a very warm and humid environment and had no issues with fogging. The protective front lens cap is rubber and is permanently fixed to the ruggedized rubber bumper ring on the objective side of the tube in front of the focus ring. I would recommend replacing this cover with a flip up scope cap if you plan on extreme use as the rubber cover will eventually break off.

The size and weight of the PS28 are comparable to the other optics in its class. Its size is 7.7 inches long and weighs 1.85 pounds. This does add a bit of weight to a rifle depending on what size rifle you use and what other accessories you may have.

PS28-3 mounted with remote switch and IR illuminator

Now for the meat and potatoes…the function. The PS28-3 has a has a quick disconnect clamp that mounts to a MIL-STD-1913/Picatinny rail which can be tightened to hold securely with a 3/8-inch wrench. Mounting the unit is fast and simple. When mounting the optic in front of a rifle scope or spotting scope, the optical axis of the PS28 and rifle-scope should match. A difference of more than 3 mm isn’t recommended and may throw the eye relief off for the rifle scope. You may need to switch to a different height scope mount or rings to accommodate this. There is a rubber light suppressor included to attach to the rifle scope to cover the objective lens.

QD attachment

The optic has a function switch that has three power levels. On, standby, and off. There is an adjustable focus ring near the front of the tube to focus the input lens. Use it to adjust for the sharpest view of the scene. Also, for battery conservation, there is a remote switch to switch from operating mode to standby. I will discuss the function of the switch later.

Top view with power switch and battery compartment

As with any IR night vision device using image intensifying tubes, some amount of night light (moon light or star light) is required to operate. Under very low light conditions, the sight loses resolution that it has under full moon light. Other factors that can affect resolution are rain, fog, sleet, snow, and smoke. The less ambient light available the more difficult it is to see clearly at longer distances. So longer shots are more difficult to make.

ATN also includes an IR illuminator to use the sight in extremely low light and total darkness. This illuminator can be mounted on the accessory rail of the PS28 or elsewhere if the weapon system has other rails on its receiver. The IR illuminator is like a small IR flashlight with different light levels and an adjustable focus bezel to make the beam of light wider or more focused. The illuminator is powered by an included CR-123A lithium battery.  ATN also carries other mounting rails and accessories that can be purchased.

IR Illuminator

Another handy addition that ATN has thought of was a remote-control pressure switch. The activation pressure pad can be attached wherever the shooter feels comfortable placing it with Velcro. The user places the power switch on the PS28 to standby mode, then by pushing the remote pressure pad, it activates the optic. This is a great idea for battery conservation if using the optic for long periods of time. The IR illuminator needs to be on if the ambient light level is very low.

The evolution of night vision technology has progressed quite rapidly in the last 20 years. Along with that, it has become significantly more affordable as well. These are exciting times now that night vision is available to us all. The ATN PS28-3 is an excellent option for those looking to enhance their capability for shooting in low light/no-light situations with a reasonable price tag. Whether you are a hunter, police sharpshooter, recreational shooter, or shooting instructor on a budget, the PS28-3 is the way to go. ATN also has similar models of IR clip-on optics available in different generations of night vision tubes as well as white phosphorus tubes for those with different budgets. Go and check them out.

Scope view with night vision

IR Illuminator

Material Disclosure

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