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For a while BritTac and Dave Stewart were dropping teasers about a project in the works involving laminates.

These teasers evolved, eventually into confirmation that BritTac were going to produce a chest rig.

Over time pictures were released on Coopers Kit Corner of the trials rig these were followed in the new year by the announcement that Pre-Orders were being take at a hugely discounted rate – 25% to be exact.

I can’t resist a bargain…

My order was promptly placed, and the waiting game began.

Having fallen foul of the “look at all this spare PALS that I can put stuff on” syndrome before I opted for the smallest of the platforms that BritTac had to offer, the 8 x 3, (Columns by Row)


Not much to say here really, to make things easier I’ll let British Tactical say it for me:

  • Low profile moulded hook backing to allow attachment to current plate carrier systems and to accept additional items such as drop-down pouches, admin or ammo pouches and bib attachment.
  • Rear hook covered in 3 sections of low-profile velour loop.
  • Front male ITW Nexus 1-inch side release buckles, these line up with current plate carrier systems.
  • front buckles also allow attachment to yokes with 2 columns of MOLLE on the shoulder strap with use of QASM Buckles and back attachment system.
  • Rear attachment system to allow attachment to back panels or back of yokes.
  • Laser cut laminate shoulder straps with front split bar female buckles and rear ladder locks. A separate length of webbing with the male side release buckles, these then attach to the side buckles of the chest rig. the lower back straps are supplied with a tri-glide, the tri-glide allows you to decide how to adjust the chest rig straps, either at the side of the chest rig at the buckles by pulling back or by pulling down on the shoulder strap webbing.
  • Laser cut shoulder straps has a single column of MOLLE slots running the whole length to allow attachment of pouches to the front such as radio, GPS pouches or medic pouches. The front slots will also accept the front admin/bib section.
  • The MOLLE slots running the whole length also allows rear attachment of MOLLE on pouches directly to the straps. Additional MOLLE panels to follow.
  • Underside of the shoulder straps have various vertical slots; the rear sections of the straps allow the straps to be crossed through each other.
  • Laser cut H harness cross section supplied with single row of MOLLE slots and adjustable end which can be threaded through the underside slots.
  • 25mm/1-inch Webbing waist strap.
  • Designed to be used in a variety of ways, over body armour with harness, attached direct to body armour with additional attachment system.

Point to note here people is the use of the word MOLLE…I’m being a pedant I know but…

PALS is the stuff that MOLLE is fixed to, I believe they may have mixed this up which is, to quote Sir Tom Jones, “it’s not unusual” as it can be confusing.

Then again, they may have created something new with MOLLE slots cut into laminate, which is to be fair quite correct as they’re not PALS by definition…

It arrived promptly, as has all the stuff I’ve ordered from British Tactical with the harness and platform packed into separate zip lock bags.

And now for some photos.

As with everything, it took a little while for me to sort things out to where I was comfortable with the lay out.

A quick breakdown of the set up(s), less the rig of course that doesn’t change.

  1. First Build
  2. ii) Small custom Utility Pouch –

iii) 2 x 9mm magazine Pouches – Morion Thread works, review to follow.

  1. iv) Universal Smoke(Gren) Pouch with Radio Insert –
  2. Trial and error – as above except;
  3. i) Grenade pouch replaced by an Emergency Strobe Pouch – Templar Assault Systems
  4. ii) Low profile Shoulder Pads – British Tactical

iii) Split female buckles on the front of the harness replaced by QASM – British Tactical

  1. As is…for now
  2. i) One 9mm magazine pouch replaced by a Strobe Pouch – Ed Lam – Flimmuur Tactical.
  3. ii) Triple Inner mag Pouch for 5.56mm – some airsoft site…

iii) 4×3 Stealth Admin Pouch – British Tactical, behind the single pouches.

How about interaction with bergans and day sacks? Well here’s a couple of picture showing just that, albeit just a daysack

As you can see, there is little interference with a sternum strap but none with the rear hardware. Then again it could just be how I’m wearing it…

There was also some interference with the sternum strap on the left side where I had mounted a PRR.

Let’s have a quick look at the first of the add-ons that BritTac have produced for the rigs, the low-profile shoulder pads.

On closer inspection you can see the ‘hook’ panel that links in with the loop strip that BritTac have sewn on the reverse of the laminate shoulder harness.

Also take note of the clever double-sided hook and loop used on each pad for cable management.

Oh! and BTW these pads don’t just fit the BritTac rig, they will fit on any 50mm wide shoulder strap here they are on a Ferro Concepts rig*


It’s a great rig as it stands and can only improve and become more as British Tactical produce more add-ons.

I know magazine inserts and an admin insert are in R&D so wait out.

Worn alone it is a great DS admin type thing, which is what I recently used it for.

With the addition of the magazine inserts or worn in conjunction with a ‘Battle’ belt I can see it being handy for CTRs etc.

In Summary

The 8×3 has a very low profile, it can be worn under a smock if required or if you can’t be bothered removing it, like me, under your Gary Goretex.

I was wearing it for upwards of seven hours at a time with little or no muscle fatigue.

As is the usual with British Tactical, it’s a great piece of kit, solidly manufactured to a high standard using top end material…all to UK MOD and US DOD spec.

The only minus point, in my opinion is the unavoidable use of Crye printed binding. I don’t like the way it abrades very quickly to white.

Have a look at these pictures to see the binding starting to turn white.

The use of this binding is unavoidable as I say due to the number of layers along the seams of the rig, it’s just a pity in my eyes that they must use it.

Where/how to wear it? As the name implies it is a chest rig and therefore it should be worn on the chest…however

It’s a personal thing…I prefer up here.


As an opposed to…

…these which are worn as more of a Belly Rig and not by British Tactical nor is it me.


This…×3-chest-rig/ will take you straight to the chest rig goodness.

  • Cost – £££££: Mine, the 8×3 goes for £90 ($106.00) , the 10×3 for £96 and the 12×3 for £105 respectively
  • Value for money 1-5: 5. As with all British Tactical stuff, you get a high level of quality for a decent price, which is pleasantly surprising.
  • Ease of use 1-5: 4, what is difficult about putting it over your head.

There is a chance that you may get confused and overwhelmed with all the adjustments you can make to fine tune the fit using the clips and tri-glides

  • Construction 1-5: 4, Solid as always, Dave having mild OCD helps no end when it comes to the finish of each individual pouch, buckle seam etc.

They lose a point for the use of printed MC binding, although Dave did explain to me why they had to use it, it is justifiable, I just don’t like it…

  • Allyness 1-5: 5, It’s a rig…

The professional looking photos are, mostly from the British Tactical web site and the Johnny age 7 ones are mine.

*Cheers Stan and I’m after that Mandalorian patch!

This Kit Pest Review was written by Gorgeous Jim Shoebridge. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment.

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