Being a shooter of both bullets and pixels, I have been looking for a pair of tactical pants that can accommodate a quick transition between the two roles. I recently had the chance to try Propper’s Rev Tac Pant for women to see how they held up to the task.

Propper’s tactical line for women comes in a variety of styles that are specially designed to compliment the female figure both aesthetically and functionally. Although their line bolsters slightly differing cuts and trim lines, for the most part, their women’s line mirrors that of the men’s in both style and color. This is a plus for teams that value visual continuity and maintained stylistic approaches.

I tried the RevTac Pant in black–a bold move for someone that owns a husky. I found that the pants collect fine fiber particles far more than they attract the larger dog hair. After about 15 minutes of kneeling, running, walking, and additional tactical movements, the black pants had collected a fair amount of dirt from the outdoor range, but it all brushed off easily due to the 65/35 poly-cotton blend. The fabric itself doesn’t allow for much stretch, but the pant’s form fitting modern style with contoured waistband allow for the pants to follow the natural curve in your body. I found that after about 5 minutes of wear, the pants adjusted to my form, lost their tightness, and I was able to make much more calculated movements in them.

One of the most attractive features of these pants is their versatility. The ability to have a multifaceted piece of clothing that matches both aesthetic style and functionality is no small feat. Propper put extra time into creating a slim profile and it shows. Being someone who has a smaller frame, this is HUGE. Tactical clothing for women often comes with a barrage of extra fabric, bulky edges and unflattering lines. The Rev Tac pants did a fantastic job of eliminating these issues. I immediately noticed that the pockets had a softer look rather than angular, allowing for more comfort, a lower profile, and no loss in size.

In addition to containing larger ambidextrous pockets with internal dividers, they also contained knife pockets on either side, which ended up carrying my single stack magazines perfectly. Because I am never at the range without my photography equipment, it was important that I could find a pair of pants that allowed me to be able to transfer from a shooter to a camera shooter in a moment’s notice. The internal dividers in the pockets allowed me to carry memory cards, batteries, and a few other essential items with me with excess room for my tactical gear. The protection the fabric offered secured the equipment in place as I moved to a point where I forgot it was there.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the pants for their price bracket and found they held up quite well to our outdoor range experience. My one recommendation would be to add a small amount of flexibility to the fabric to make movements more comfortable and reduce the pant’s immediate stiffness. I would recommend these pants for anyone looking for sturdy tactical pant with a high degree of versatility and pocket space.

  • 65/35 poly-cotton blend
  • Modern fit with contoured waistband
  • Ambidextrous pockets with internal dividers
  • Eyelet snap
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Two knife pockets
  • Slim profile welt pockets on back


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