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You know you have that one pack you have that it almost perfect.  You went out of your way to find it, thinking it would be really nice, however…   There Is just one feature missing.  You thought about taking it to a seamstress, but that’s expensive.  Maybe mail to a custom guy who’s got some skills…  Maybe you’ll sew it yourself?  Or maybe swing over to OV Innovations and take a look at what they offer.  Chances are they have an accessory you need, which can take that pack from almost perfect, to everything you’ve wanted.

I came across OV Innovations while looking for some info on a ruck.  And if that’s what you’re after, I suggest you swing over to their site and see if they have the intel you need.  In fact, load carriage systems, rucks and packs is all they do.  They have detailed articles on currently issues USMC and Army pack and ruck systems, down to a science. They also offer some ingenious ways to improve them.  Whether it’s your classic girl Alice, or a more modern FILBE, you will find one of a kind, clever accessories to increase the function and usability of what Uncle Sam gave you, but didn’t quite think all the way through.  And this goes for anything of more basic type, or more top of the line which may need just that little “oomph” to be what you need.

They also offer custom design services for your kit. Basically, if it carries things, OV has a way to tweak it.  From straps, to buckles, to webbing keepers, field kits, and custom pouches – it is worth your time to make their site one of your favorites.  If you favor American companies, small US companies specifically, and even more so great customer service.  You will get all of that from Adam and the team at OV.  Very responsive to questions, feedback, and easy to work with.  And made in the USA.   OV motto is “In battle or afield”, and they take the quality of their manufacturing seriously.

Adam sent us The Cache, which converts just about any pack into one with a beavertail accessory.  At least that’s what I always called it, but people may refer to it as other things.  A beavertail, typically found on assault and shorter mission packs, is an open pocket on the outside of a pack which can accommodate a helmet, or really anything you need to access in a hurry, one handed, without looking, and which doesn’t need to be taking up the shape or room inside your pack.

The OV Cache is actually more versatile then most beavertails, because it will accommodate many different things, and is shaped and sewn in a unique way specifically to offer such flexibility.  Made of 500D nylon and sewn with a heavy-duty T-70 nylon thread, the pleaded trapezoid (big word) shaped piece of nylon, the Cache conforms to oddly shaped items, and folds into itself for a neat-looking part of the pack which looks as if it’s meant to be there.  The stability is assisted with “flexible fiberglass structure”, and the fit is pretty much universal.

The stays run along the center pleaded portion, and works sweet.  The bottom has loops secured by snaps, and long enough to go comfortably through MOLLE or PALS webbing without giving your fingers a workout.  The manipulation of all Cache component is easy when wearing gloves, and instinctive.  The sides are attached with lockable MOLLE and PALS compatible snaps.

I have manipulated them over and over to try and get them to fail, and they held solid.  More of a genius design, is that the straps are releasable through regular buckles, which release the Cache to allow access to the pack compartments, if your pack calls for it.  The flexibility of what can go into the Cache, or rather what it will hold, cannot be overstated.  Sleeping system, jacket, Kevlar, gas mask, cooking set, antlers, and I’m pretty sure if you tried, a rifle, skis or small tent.  The pleaded design of the Cache I simply haven’t seen anywhere. The Cache lays flat and unassuming when not in use, and looks completely functional when it is.  It also turns the outside of your pack from a tacticoolkit, to a smooth-looking everyday carry, if you so desire.

If you have questions on whether or not the Cache or another OV improvement will work with your pack, true to their attention to details, you will find a compatible model list on their site under product t description.  The Cache is available in coyote, black, Multicam and foliage green. At $55 some might think the price is a bit steep.  But if you think how much work this one piece of kit will do, and how much it would cost you to have it custom made, and figure in the US made and guaranteed workmanship, as well as the flexibility to use it on more than pone load carry system, I believe you get more than your money’s worth.  For their ingenuity, adoptability and quality, OV Innovations Cache rates 5 starts with me.  Wish I would have found them sooner.

The Cache is a lightweight, PALS-compatible beavertail accessory that’s designed to fit a wide variety of EDC and tactical packs. It lies flat when not in use and expands to secure bulky or awkward loads thanks to a flexible fiberglass stay structure. The Cache attaches to any compatible pack via four 3/4″ PALS attachment straps at the bottom and two adjustment straps with snap-on buckles at top. Fits standard PALS grids (1.5″ spacing) and Mystery Ranch layouts (2″/3″), and can be adapted to fit a multitude of other packs.

Check out the prototype review presented by Loaded Pocketz.


• Weight: 4.76 ounces (135 grams)
• Dimensions: 13.5″ x 10″/~7″ (flat)
• Materials: 500D Cordura, T-70 nylon thread
 Features: lies flat when not in use and expands around cargo
• Colors: coyote brown, Multicam, foliage green, black
• Made in the US from US materials

Compatibility List

This is a non-exclusive list of packs that the Cache will fit securely. It should fit any pack with at least 6 standard PALS columns on the face or bottom (near the face) and the appropriate upper anchor points.

• RAID Pack II
AWS Inc.
• #50638 – 3 Day Recon Pack
• #54964 – 5 Day Assault Pack
• #50653 – Jumpable Backpack
• #50639 – MOLLE Day Pack
BDS Tactical
• Basic Combat Trauma Medical Bag
• Lightweight Phoenix™ Pack
• Ultralight 3-Day Assault™ Pack
• Velocity X1 Jump Pack
• Velocity X3 Jump Pack
• YOMP™ Pack
• Motherlode™ (MOLLE webbing style)
• TriZip™
Chinook Medical Gear
• Medic Pack
• Medical Operator Pack
Eagle Industries
• A-III Assault Pack MOLLE Style
• A-III Medical Pack MOLLE Style
• Becker Patrol Pack MOLLE Style
• Crossover Pack
First Tactical
• Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack
High Ground Gear
• Medical Trauma Pack
• X-Ray
• Vulture-II™ 3-Day Backpack
Mystery Ranch
• Komodo Dragon
• Overload
• Skiritai
• Streetfighter (old model with upper attachment loops)
• Urban Assault (old model with upper attachment loops)
• 1 Day Assault (1DAP)
• 3 Day Assault (3DAP)
• U.C. Pack
Spec.-Ops. Brand
• T.H.E. Pack (Tactical and UAP)
Tactical Tailor
• M5 Medic Pack
Triple Aught Design
• FAST Pack Litespeed
• TACOPS® M-10 Medical Backpack
• TACOPS® Talaria
TYR Tactical
• Huron™ Light Weight Assault Pack – 3-Day
• Corpsman Assault System Medical Assault Pack
• USMC Pack (FILBE) Assault Pack
• RUSH12™/RUSH24™


Mystery Ranch® is a registered trademark of Mystery Ranch, Ltd.

Material Disclosure

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