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Nobody can fall so low unless he has a great depth

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All that which is within you is yours and yours alone to master. No matter what you face, what trials and traumas, the hurts and pains, the let downs and failures. All thing even outside of your control, internally is yours to control. For that which inside is truly all we can control and sometimes poorly at that. Until we conquer the traumas and hurts and darkness and pains within your own soul, you will continue to project and attract the very things that caused your pain.

You will do the very things that you hate and hurt you, to others and those around you, you will be a perpetual victim of your own mind.

Accept the hurt, the pain, the sadness and sorrow, the guilt and shame, embarrassment, etc. allow yourself to feel all things fully and completely. It is natural and our bodies amazing ability to heal is through these emotions that grow and mature if we let them. Not be stuck in time from when ever that trauma or whatever happened, because we push it away and don’t want to deal or accept it.

In every great story the hero must fall and die in someway metaphorical or physical and battle the darkness to become stronger and conquer the dark and fulfill their full potential. There is no great redemption without a great fall, and the depth of a mans darkness’s reflects the height of that mans potential.

“Nobody can fall so low unless he has a great depth. If such a thing can happen to a man, it challenges his best and highest on the other side; that is to say, this depth corresponds to a potential height, and the blackest darkness to a hidden light.”~ C.Jung

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