1. Shipping to YouWhen to Expect Your Order
  2. When Orders Ship
  3. Carriers
  4. Calculating Shipping Costs
  5. Shipping to a P.O. Box
  6. APO, DPO, or FPO Addresses
  7. Delivery Attempt Fails or Undeliverable Order
  8. Signature Required
  1. When to Expect Your Order

Our estimated delivery date for your order is based on many factors such as payment processing time, product availability, warehouse processing time, how quickly we can obtain and ship your items, your shipping address, and the shipping speed and options you choose. This does not include the transit time for your order. Spotter Up will make every effort to insure your product is shipped according to the lead time information we provide on our website.

Because changes in supply do happen, the shipping dates may change. If any of the lead times changes for your order, you will be contacted by Spotter Up via email. We will provide you a revised shipping estimate. Spotter Up estimated lead times are in business days M-F, excluding weekends and holidays.

If you would prefer a complete order, (rather than partial shipments for multiple orders), please inform us of your desire in the comments section of the Checkout. Our regular shipping process is to fill orders as soon as they come in. In order to properly fulfill your request for a complete shipment please add an additional 3-5 days; this is to insure order consolidation and transporting.

There are occasions when Spotter Up cannot fill an order such as when a manufacturer no longer makes a product or the product becomes unavailable to Spotter Up. In certain circumstances Spotter Up will contact you to inform you and may suggest alternative products that might meet your needs. Spotter Up will cancel your order if you do not wish to order alternative products and will refund your purchase price for those products.

  1. When Orders Ship

All Spotter Up orders are processed between 8am and 5pm EST. We do not process or ship orders from the warehouse on Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Most orders ship within 24-48 hours. Items ordered together may ship separately. Packages Do Not Ship from Our Distribution Center on the Following Holidays:

4th of July


Labor Day

Memorial Day

New Year’s Day

President’s Day


Veterans Day

  1. Carriers

Spotter Up offers three convenient shipping carriers: FEDX, UPS and the USPS.

Remember that our estimates are for time in transit only, and that they do not apply until the product leaves Spotter Up facilities. As the delivery of your order is beyond Spotter Up control once your order leaves Spotter Up facilities, Spotter Up cannot assume liability for late deliveries, regardless of the delivery method you specify. Shipping times are not guaranteed. Should you have any questions about your shipment, please contact Spotter Up directly.

  1. Calculating Shipping Costs

Our Shipping and handling charges are based on the Country, State code of where we are to ship it and the total weight, size, dimensions of your item(s) and the delivery option you choose. We send this information to FEDX, UPS or USPS and their shipping servers will send us the amount to charge you.

The easiest way to see exact shipping charges for an order is to put items in your cart, proceed to the Checkout, and view the order summary. You’ll be able to adjust shipping options and see exact shipping charges. You can always cancel or return to your shopping without actually placing the order.

  1. Shipping to a P.O. Box

Items too large for a P.O. Box must be shipped to regular-street address.

  1. APO, DPO, or FPO Addresses

All mail must be addressed to someone specific.

  • In the Name Field enter the full name of the recipient or service member.
  • In the Address Field enter the address or unit.
  • In the City Field enter: APO, FPO or DPO.
  • In the State Field select from the drop down menu one of the Armed Forces choices with its corresponding two letter code for the region where the recipient is stationed. (AE, AP or AA)

AE (ZIPs 09xxx) for Armed Forces Europe which includes Canada, Middle East, and Africa

AP (ZIPs 962xx – 966xx) for Armed Forces Pacific

AA (ZIPs 340xx) for Armed Forces (Central and South) Americas

  • In the Country Field always enter the United States.

When shipping to APO, DPO or FPO address, please make sure to enter the address correctly as a domestic U.S. Address. A calculation for international shipping costs will occur instead of domestic if you enter the country where the recipient is stationed.

Note: Shipping to APO, DPO, or FPO addresses may be limited and some items cannot be shipped to these destinations.

  1. Delivery Attempt Fails or Undeliverable Order

Occasionally packages are returned to Spotter Up as undeliverable. Most Spotter Up carriers make three attempts to deliver a package. After three delivery attempts, the carrier will return the package to Spotter Up. Please contact Spotter Up to make arrangements for reshipment when the carrier returns an undeliverable package to Spotter Up.

  1. Signature Required

Certain packages require a signature upon delivery.Spotter Up requires a signature on cargo over $500 in value. Additionally, UPS occasionally requires a signature. If you will not be at the shipping address to accept delivery of your product, consider shipping the item to an address where someone you trust will be available to sign for your package, or accept your package if a signature is not required for the delivery.

We are unable to change the shipping address once your order has prepared for shipment or has shipped. Title and risk of loss to all products will pass to you on delivery. Please note that for deliveries that require a signature, if you are willing to assume the risks of delivering your order without a signature, you may authorize Spotter Upto arrange for a delivery that does not require anyone to be at the delivery address.