July 26, 2021

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Modern Athlete Strength Lean MASS nutrition challenge

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It’s that time to sign up for our Lean MASS nutrition challenge. Sign up is $10 and all proceeds will go to the Green Beret Foundation
I hate using the term “challenge” because I associate it with all the BS fad diets out there that are just looking to make a buck and leave you having a worse relationship with food and gaining back any weight you lost.
What we want to do here is introduce some foundational nutrition principles to show you that fueling your performance doesn’t have to be a burden.
What you get for $10 is full access to a certified Sports Nutrition coach starting on August 1st and lasting until the 31st. We won’t be asking you to count every calorie or make any unsustainable lifestyle changes. We are going to be coaching you on how to get the most out of your meals to drive your performance in the gym and make you look and feel better.
We hope to make this a regular thing to make charitable donations to foundations supporting veterans and to set you on the right path to fueling your lifestyle.
So take control of your diet and help out an incredible foundation along the way.
Catch you there 🤙

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