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The most humbling and rewarding aspect of working with military clients is being a part their healing process. When utilized in conjunction with trauma-informed psychotherapy, massage is an incredibly effective method of treating PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder—which, yes, I agree should be renamed to PTS and even expanded to include Post Traumatic Shutdown, as I posted about previously). People with PTS experience the “fight or flight” response over and over in their everyday lives which creates physical as well as emotional pain. Their muscles respond to an above-average level of stress hormones in the body, causing them to remain under tension.

Massage balances these hormone levels by inducing a state of relaxation, allowing the nervous system to finally break its cycle of fight or flight. The more you can get your nervous system out of fight or flight and into a place of safety, the sooner it will regulate and heal.

Experiencing trauma can leave you feeling numb and disconnected from your own self, a disorder called “dissociation.” Massage helps you reconnect with your body through the healing power of compassionate human touch.

If you suffer from PTS or depression, don’t wait to get help. Talk to your unit chaplain about resources available to you. Hands For Heroes is a national charity organization that can pair you with a massage therapist who donates their services on a monthly basis.

I work with this charity and donate around 20-30 massages per month to soldiers and vets who are struggling with these issues. Soldier suicide is a terrible epidemic. Please don’t think you’re alone. This is exactly why I’m here serving this community. Just DM me. And if you know someone at #Bragg who is struggling, tell them about this, please.

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