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Love pushes back time. Love pushes back pain and in this same string of words I promote the thought that so too does sex. Right or wrong, both delay what many of us dread, that oncoming of age, which strips us of our years. For the young teen innocence is lost gaining this knowledge while the more mature of us is transformed into youth once again, if but for a moment! Our hearts recollect through feeling what the mind recalls yet cannot connect to as it is a sterile, emotionless thing, this organ of gray and white matter.

Many activities seem to delay the onslaught of seconds, minutes and hours upon our psyche and physique but it is solely love that encapsulates two members into a bubble of hopefulness, for it lightens their load as their burdens are shared, and it infuses each with desire to live regardless of time passing…The paradox of loving means those in it want to prolong it because they don’t mind it; there is a feeling the communion is everlasting while experience tells us it is not so.

Real love it’s been said removes fear, and with fear removed, real learning begins. Cabbalists and philosophers have chased the idea of the proto-language; some great, mystical forgotten tongue of our descendants before the Fall and of Babel. Access to this speech would give power begotten from this secret science. I don’t propose to know the languages of angels and Adam. But I propose that we came naked and alone into this world. I propose that we often feel in exile, and the one way to feel connected to something greater than ourselves is to love. Not some baseless love, but something that opens the doors of our perception, and transforms us if but for seconds, or minutes or an hour.

Whether you’re a police officer tucking his children in before a midnight shift, or a soldier seeing his wife as he’s straight home from deployment, or holding his new born daughter I ask you to love. Perhaps the perfect language is silence. Let the eyes do the work and observe those you love, perhaps love is intimate relations and so make love to those you love. Perhaps love is a gateway out of fear, and in knowing, let it guide you to fight for what you love…

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