July 6, 2022

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The search is over, Hammer Armament's custom holsters, especially for 1911's / 2011's are unstoppable...

Its’ time! I want The Best 1911 / 2011 holster options, from concealment, tactical, and multi-competition if possible (USPSA, Multi-gun, Steel Challenge..)

Bottom Line: Dropping $2000 to $7,000 on any custom or production line 1911 / 2011 such as the new STI/Staccato XC (former STI Omni, DVC-P), you better finish the job with the right holster and rig. After running the Hammer Armament competition “THUNDER” holster for the last 3 months, I’m fully convinced Hammer Armament provides the best set of holsters for my needs. I’ll explain why…
First, here’s the pistol…
508t v2 gr and X300 on a Staccato(STI) XC
sti staccato-xc 9mm
I’m looking for the ultimate set of holsters to support conceal carry and a second/maybe third holster to shoot competitively across USPSA/3 Gun/Steel Challenge matches. Preferably I’d like to order these from the same company if possible. I’ve just ended my search for my competition holster…
!!Notice!! This article is not for the O.G. 1911 fans who rock some custom leather, those folks need to go to the Southern Trapper. Southern Trapper has a lead-time of ~3 months this year, choose whatever design and crazy leather you want from apparently any creatures on planet earth. Nothing like some alligator leather to let folks know you mean biz??…www.thesoutherntrapper.com
For everyone else born after 1960 please keep reading…
TIP #1: Who specializes in it?
If you’re going to search for the “Holy Grail” perfect use-case  of an item.. First, find out who specializes in it.

There are many amazing custom kydex holster producers across the US. One of my all around favorites is still personally C&G Holsters for the vast variety with great quality… BUT… for this instance, I’m looking for a perfect cut which has gone through multiple iterations specifically for the 19/2011 competition and defensive carry pistol…

This narrows the list down to a smaller group, to name a few examples:

Hammer Armament

Red Hill Tactical

Legacy Firearms Co

LS Hosters

After speaking with these companies and quite a few more, it was a fairly easy decision to run with Hammer Armament which I’ll get into more below.


I brought out the Hammer Armament Thunder holster to some range training days with Green Ops and a variety of 6 USPSA matches in the last 3 months and it ran perfect.

Image: “THUNDER” cut for Staccato XC + Holosun 507c +x300.

Included Hood and dual retention knobs. *Carbon Blue Hex

sti 2011 9mm


**IG @_yoshi_moto_  , it was his first time touching this pistol and hostler, he said this combo is basically cheating…

Then.. the less competent with a sweaty-ass me gave it a go…


The results are in, THIS is THE HOLSTER. (Hammer Armament Thunder)

Image: My “THUNDER” holster without hood shown below for USPSA / Steel Challenge

Safariland ELS Belt with custom M2 Ratchet system is also a great idea

Hammer Armament provides a TON of inside / outside color options with custom prints as well!

Their holster are dual-layer kydex with nice smooth edges, it easily supports the weight of heavier fully loaded pistols while running around.

The fit and tension is so flawless for this gun, I’m extremely impressed how well they’ve tuned/refined their molding process.


TIP #2: Who do you trust?

Developing trust in a brand or taking the word of a sponsored professional shooter takes time and discernment. Hammer Armament specifically stood out for multiple factors:

The first call I made to Hammer Armament, Brent the founder (IG @hammer_armament) picked up on the 2nd ring and provided 15 minutes of holster advice tailored for my situation as he was driving to a USPSA match.
This level of active relevancy/specialization and commitment to the shooting sports, while providing flawless customer service sets Hammer Armament far apart.
To put this in perspective with big-business: An example is that in 2020 you can not get a hold of many companies via human conversation or they’re too bogged down to provide any legitimate customer support or recommendations. After speaking with Hammer Armament I had my holster the next week, amazing!
TIP #3: What’s BEST for you?
This article has focused on the “BEST FOR ME”.
I believe that if YOU want to carry, run tactical training, or compete, you may relate! I highly suggest you check out HAMMER ARMAMENT and see what Brent and folks have to offer at a first step.
There is much to be said for holster requirements and considerations per use and you will be confident in a recommendation from them.

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