Bone Mass = 31% water
Muscle Tissue = 75% water
Strength Loss = 7.8 % with dehydration (2.1% bodyweight)
Sweat Glands in Human Body = 2,000,000

Water is the body’s most important nutrient which helps maintain and regulate body temperature, metabolizes fat, promotes digestion, lubircates and cushions organs, joints and tissues, transports nutrients, and is a key component of blood.

Running low on water and your performance is hindered and can cause disruptions in your moods, energy levels, and cognitive function will drop

If you are thirsty, you are already behind the power curve. Try to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. Example: Bodyweight @ 190lbs, drink 95oz of water per day.

Extended or intense training sessions can knock your system sideways. Be sure to consume electrolytes to maintain muscle and nerve function, cell signaling, and regulate blood pH and pressure.

➢ Sodium
➢ Potassium
➢ Phosphate
➢ Magnesium
➢ Chloride
➢ Calcium



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Originally published  Aug 16, 2015

By Rick Burrell

Rick Burrell is a multi-skilled professional and operational manager with over 28 yrs of combined military and federal service in the US Navy Seal Teams (BUD/s Class #173).

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