The Garmont T 8 FALCON boot is a high-performance military boot designed to provide a winning combination of breathability, lightness, and stability.


With its 8” height and a blend of durable materials, this boot is built to withstand demanding missions while offering comfort and compliance with AR 670-1 standards. The boots are compliant with multicam and OCP. I truly like the outsoles Garmont uses on their boots. The uppers they use for their boots seem to be very comfortable too. Please read my review of the T4 Groove and the Heli, linked below. The FALCON comes with a sporty outsole design and a range of innovative features, and seem built to deliver unparalleled support, lightness, and agility in the field. When it comes to stability, the T 8 FALCON delivers. The boots utilize a soft EVA GTF® MAGNET sole that offers a responsive feel, while the inner shank provides support during hikes. The FALCON use multi-directional lugs which provides stability to prevent stumbling and a good heel to toe shape to allow dynamic reaction when pushing off or twisting. The lugs are cut through their centers, with a line known as ‘siping’ which increases traction during wet conditions. Standard issue military boot are usually flatter on their bottoms, making for slower response times when pivoting or moving forwards. The FALCON has more of an upward curvature.

The closed hooks on the T 8 contribute to overall functionality of the upper. You can lace up your boots quickly and securely. The rigid closed hooks mean your laces stay in place, and you can pull the boot laces tighter around the throat. This efficient closure system ensures a snug fit. The boots also use metal eyelets. I believe the hooks and eyelets are durable brass alloy, which is rust proof hardware.

The eyelets are the holes the boot laces pass through. The eyelets of a boot should be large enough and smooth enough so you can easily and quickly adjust your laces. The boots use flat laces instead of round laces, and I appreciate this. Flat laces tend to work better than round laces because they won’t irritate the top of the foot, as the laces sit flatly over the top of the foot. The human foot has a large tendon, and many blood vessels that run along the top of your foot that can get irriated.

Boots should provide a great deal of padding, softness, and comfort around the feet and ankles. A light-weight material is well-suited for using in hotter climates and climates that aren’t frigid. Thin uppers such as the material used in jungle boots is great for rapid walking. A good mixture of materials allows the feet to breathe and not feel hot or cold. The boots use a combination of 1.8 mm suede leather and polyester in the upper. The horizontal bands and leather overlay around the ankle provide structure needed for overall comfort and balance, which ensures confidence during demanding missions. These were made for running, hiking and climbing over diverse terrain.  The semi-padded tongue is very useful. Many military boots do not use padded tongues, and a tongue should provide comfort while preventing boot laces from rubbing against the instep of your foot. This boot uses a gusseted tongue to keep out debris.


Durability and Comfort

The  1.8 mm suede leather and polyester in the upper, reduces the weight of the boot without compromising durability. Every part of the boots is double stitched for additional reinforcement. This boot allows for swift and agile movements, minimizing fatigue during extended missions. I like the feel of the boot. Breathability is crucial in military footwear, especially during intense operations. The boot excels in this aspect, ensuring excellent air circulation to keep feet cool and dry. Excellent air circulation in hot and humid climates. Additionally, the combination of suede leather and polyester upper allows moisture to escape while preventing overheating, enhancing overall comfort during long hours of wear. I’ve had the boots for 3 months, and they have held up well. No issues so far, and I don’t expect any. I only have one complaint, and that is the width of the shoe. This boot comes in wide, yet they still feel a bit narrow to me, and rub the outer side of my small toes. Be mindful when purchasing the boots that you might need to go a size up, or wear thicker socks if you do settle on buying the FALCONs. The FALCON comes with a nylon pull tab that helps you pull your boot quickly over your foot. The boots use a comfortable, and removable orthotic.

Weight and Value

Priced at $155.00, It is priced about the same as competitors but has a clean, sporty appearance and isn’t as heavy in weight, or clunky in appearance. I believe these are a worthwhile investment in your feet. I’ve reviewed boots that were cheaper and some that were more expensive. They have performed well so far in the months that I’ve worn them. Time will tell whether they are durable. The Garmont boot offers excellent value for its quality, durability, and performance. It combines essential features such as breathability, stability, and compliance with military standards, making it a reliable choice for dynamic missions. Give them a try!

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By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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