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  1. The Sunnto Ambit Watch
  2. The Powertac E5R
  3. The Southern Grind Jackal Knife Review
  4. Guncraft Arcane Holster for Glock with Surefire XC1 Quick Review
  5. Glock 22

  • A G23 paramilitary
  • Streamlight
  • ProTac HL

– Includes various bandages, pads and dressings(nothing fancy), alcohol and antiseptic swabs, emergency blanket, Qtips, saftey pins, tape, rubber gloves, rubber bands, CAT tourniquet and an Ideal bandage(elastic).

Gerber knife (don’t know what model, but it’s semi-auto)
Surefire light
G43 with 2 spare mags
Mags in Tactical Tailor low vis pouch
Combat Gauze
CPR mask with cuff key
First Spear belt and following additional items:
G-Shock tough solar watch
cuffs ‘n related shit
Different kind of Combat Gauze (mil edition)
Cigar (yes)
DeEspresso Liber – YES! some days its EDC
Spec Ops Brand wallet (filler wanted)
CRKT knife
Pelican light (wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t issued) lol
Coast light (love that fucking thing)
The tab…  that shit is earned.  No Amazon.

Police Officer Burt Macklin’s EDC

Glock 23 in a Blade Tech Nano IWB holster

Powertac E5R USB recharable flashlight, just switched to it about a month ago

SWAT-T tourniquet

Slim wallet, safety pin and a couple band aids

Ontario RAT 1 folding knife

Not pictured: 5.11 casual leather EDC belt

Spotter Up Writer David Donchess EDC

Celtic Shield Wallet

M&P Shield 9mm

-Spare magazine

124gr Goldensaber Compact

9mm Hornady Critical Defense

Kershaw Blur

Spotter Up Writer Police Officer David Holzinger’s EDC:

I am minimalist in what I carry around daily.  It all starts with a good platform.  For me it begins with a good belt.  One that is made for carrying a gun. For those few times I do not carry, at least I have a good quality belt that is made to last.  Next is my wallet.  For now I use a cheap leather business card holder.  This keeps things to the basics and forces me to not carry too much around.  Always have a good quality knife with me.  Then there is a small flashlight.  One that is small enough to carry without it being bulky.  An extra battery is a must.  You never know when your battery goes bad until you need it the most.  My cell phone is next.  I carry a gun with a light in a good quality holster.  It gun must be dependable and one that I shoot well.  The holster must be one that fits the pistol and is concealable. With that I always have at least one extra magazine with me.  That is just what I carry on my person.  I also have a backpack with other things that I have around me when I am going out.  It may stay in the car or I carry it around. It breaks down to:

Belt: Mine is from Mitch Rosen.  His products are hand-made with high-grade leather.   I have worn this belt for over 8 years and it still looks great.  The stitching is of a superior quality.  Not the cheapest, but it lasted far longer then all others I have used.

Wallet: just a cheep leather business card holder.  Inside is the basics and my SWAT Teams challenge coin.

Knife:  I like my Emerson Mini Commander knife.   I like the blades style and durability.  Been carrying this one for years.  I also have an Emerson CQC7 knife that I carry at times.

Flashlight: Streamlight Microstream flashlight.  Nice, small and bright!!!!  I always carry an extra AAA battery as well.  That’s because I learned the hard way and needed an extra battery once.  Once, just once……

Cell Phone:  Samsung Note4 in a Seidio case.   I like the good pictures it takes and the ability to take notes on it.  The Seidio case is their Legacy Surface.  I like its peg on the back for setting the phone up on its edge.  They also make a nice belt holster that works good.  I also wear it on by outside vest carrier at work and it holds up extremely well.

Gun and holster:  Glock 19.  I shoot Glocks well.   I carry one at work.   I have others that I use as well  and always go back to my G19.  The weapon light is a Streamlight TLR-1 HL.  Great dependable light.  Very bright and easy to operate. The holster is the Bloodline Nocturnal Holster from Pitbull Tactical.  I like it due to the fact that it can be an inside the waistband or outside the waistband holster.  The holster is molded to fit the pistol and has great retention.  The draw from the holster is smooth and unencumbered.  It fits close to the body with minimal printing if you wear the right clothing.  The magazine pouch is a Bianchi leather mag pouch.  Nothing fancy.  It’s easy to put on and take off.  That is my EDC set up.

Spotter Up Writer Noble’s EDC

– Iphone 4S with a quality leather case/wallet from Costco, the wallet carries my with essential cards too.
Casio AW-48H watch. I have several watches, but this is with me most of the time, because of it’s features, lightness and compact size. And it is cheap too!
Victorinox Climber. For all those gentlemanly soldiering situations, like emergency wine and cheese.
-Triple aught design iComm pouch. Meant for a smartphone, but I carry the following two items in it because this pouch with it’s holdings is easy to relocate from my hiking kit to my work bag. It helps me get organized quickly.
Böcker AK74 folder. I mainly carry this on hikes and camping, but it also serves a purpose in my range kit. Awesome, quality knife.
– XGlow A1 flashlight. This is actually a bummer of a flashlight. I bought it with a nice discount and it has quite good bright beam, but the pocket clip on it broke after a few weeks and the switch seems to have a life of it’s own. Eventually I will have to upgrade it, but this will do for now.
– The Triple Aught Design’s field cap and the 3M shades do not really belong to my EDC kit, but I just wanted to show them out too.

Spotter Up Writer BLUE’s EDC

Samsung Galaxy S4 – To stay connected/emergency call capability.
Keys – Well, obvious keys are obvious. Let’s me into places I have them for. Also a USB-drive hangin’ in there.
Wallet – My pocket economy. Also holds ID’s and other important cards.
Leatherman Rebar – A multitool is always hand. You never know when you need it.
Bus card – My daily transit depends on this, nuff’ said
Polar RS300X Sports watch – Main time-piece, something I’m still trying to get used to wear. Functions as a HRM too for exercise.
Compact umbrella – Always on the bottom of my backpack, even if i carry my Arc’teryx Hardshell with me. A gentleman always has an umbrella for the ladies!