Elite Sports Ultra Light Gi

Elite Sports Ultra Light Gi   When Spotter Up first approached me with the opportunity to review the Elite Sports Gi, I asked for any color available. What came in the mail was a Black Gi with purple trim.

At first glance at the packaging when my Elite Sports Gi arrived, I did not know what to expect. The packaging was tight and compact to the point where I was not sure if it would even by my size. Then I opened the packing and unraveled a stunning Gi.

Very impressed with this Gi from Elite Sports. High-quality stitching and detail with rope-style drawstring that has a slight stretch to help get the pants a bit more snug. 

Typically the reinforced stitching on the knee on the pants is a turn off for me because a lot of times it can feel like a kneepad. For me personally, it’s not something I’m a fan of because it is just uncomfortable for me. With the Elite Sports Gi though it went along well enough with the pants to where it did not feel excessive.

From my initial overview, I was able to tell the gi would be quite durable and has reinforcement stitching in all the right places. 

Due to COVID-19, it’s been difficult to get some good training in. This couldn’t be a truly impartial review without a thorough training session with skilled training partners. Luckily my friends Will, Tyler, and Tony were all able to get together for some Sunday training.

Rolling with anyone from our school I don’t really have to ask them to try to break the Gi because they will test its tensile strength with grips, guards, and takedowns.Elite Sports Ultra Light Gi


The best compliment I can give this Gi is that it wasn’t on my mind at all after the first few rounds. Also because the Gi is ultra-light I was totally comfortable and didn’t feel any stitching roughing up my skin.

For under 60 bucks you really can’t beat this. The Elite Sports Gi totally exceeded my expectations, especially at that price point.

They have several colors available including grey, OD green, and they just dropped an all-red Gi that looks incredible.

Their Gi’s go out of stock fast so if you get a chance pick it up before you miss out.

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By John Valentine

Spotter Up Podcast Host

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