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Have we become intoxicated with a need to feel set apart, or worse, be accepted? When does the line get drawn? When did those things that truly set us apart, cease to be cultivated: to be Virtuous, Honorable, of Self-Control, to have Perseverance, etc.

Now we foster, cultivate, and incubate the cancerous false narratives like “Every Marine’s a rifleman.”Or any catch-phrase, or quote, now the proverbial equivalent to little league “everybody is a winner.” It sounds elite and does a good job of being the ace of spades. It is used anytime self-worth or self-significance is felt to be questioned. But in truth, every Marine hasn’t been a rifleman since (and I’ll be gracious) Vietnam during the Tet-offensive.

We must first accept the truth. Anyone who “joined,” elected to do so freely into service to their Country. Regardless of your MOS or how many deployments you have or do not have. You as the individual and we as a community need to accept the fact that selfless service is in itself what should be cherished. When you fail to link the foundation’s purpose of joining, which is to serve, your insecurities begin to manifest. You lose sight of your worth and no longer look at everyone as equals serving for one cause. Now self-validation drives the skewed view of those who “served” more or “served” less.

Personally exaggerating service or stories, or injuries and experiences occur. To being so injured emotionally that you can’t be respectful, kind, and polite as someone walks by. Being so messed up or “PTSD” now used as a badge of honor, to perverting the days of celebration of life still breathed, and of gratitude for those who gave their life for us. No one gave their life so that we may squander it through self-righteous attacks on the very things we fought for.

When generations before us faced greater odds and traumas unimaginable. They did not accept the effects of war as a badge of honor, to be flaunted and used against the very people they left to serve. Instead they became productive members of society and continued their service to society. Living to earn every day given. No greater way to honor the dead, than to live so fully, we earn their approval.- Jordy

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Former Chief Scout, and Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in command of, 3rd BTN 25th MAR, 2nd BTN 5th MAR and 3rd BTN 5th MAR Scout Sniper Platoon.

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