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Contact Coffee Co. “Shots Fired”

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April 19, 2018 at approximately 20:15, a hellacious wind storm hit my little mountain side, knocking out power (for a full two days), shaking the house, and uprooting dozens of piñon pine trees, some of them over 100’ tall.

It made for a pretty wild night, and we awoke the following morning to find we had fortunately sustained only the most minor damage. We set to work clearing the debris with vigor but after a few hours chainsawing trees out of the road and side porch, I began to notice a serious caffeine deficit in my system.

It was a little windy…

Unfortunately, the power was still out, all the coffee in the house was whole-bean, and my old-school hand-powered coffee grinder was still squirreled away in the garage with the other survival supplies. Did I say all the coffee was whole bean? Quite by coincidence, I had been sent a sample of Contact Coffee CompanyShots Fired” blend to evaluate… ground. The timing couldn’t have been better. Caffeine incoming.

After boiling some water on the wood stove I prepared a carafe, French press-style. As a British coffee brand, I figured it would at least be decent, and if not, I could always dump it in the first convenient harbor. I’ve got to say, it was more than decent, it was actually pretty damn good. I found it balanced and full-bodied with no flavors that shouldn’t be there; none of that “nutty with hints of vanilla” nonsense, it’s coffee and it tastes like coffee.  This is their mellow, “all day drinking” blend, and I would say they got it just right.

As I mentioned, Contact Coffee Co. is a brand based in the UK.  It is a veteran-owned company, and like most good things, came about because someone got sick of the status quo.

How to rate this stuff?

Strength – 5/5  By that, I mean it’s Goldilocks; “not to strong, not too weak,  it’s just right”

Coffee Flavor – 5/5

No funky side-flavors or aftertastes – 5/5

Company ethic consistent with values of most people who would read a website named “Spotter Up” – 5/5

Company advertising breaks from UK hoplophobia epidemic by using a round of ammo in their logo – 5/5

Look at that! a perfect score!

Seriously though, I’ve been a coffee drinker for 4 decades now and I take my coffee seriously. Contact Coffee Co. “Shots Fired” blend, especially prepared French Press-style, is excellent.

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