January 24, 2021

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(Warrior statement) “I was shooting at this dude and he just would not fall. He saw my bullets and was dancing around avoiding them like he was in the Matrix. In my mind I was freaking out, I was less than 75 meters from this dude and I just shot and shot and shot until he jumped behind a cement wall. I just could not believe what I just witnessed.”

This warrior was actually so well trained that he was experiencing what we call “slow motion time.” He was trained so well that his mind had “time to think.” Seconds seemed like minutes. So why did he believe the bad guy had danced away from his bullets.

Well, we found out later, although he shot first, 21 of his friends decided to help. This dude had been struck with so many bullets, they were actually moving him a bit. Any logical person knows and understands that bullets do not throw people through walls or even anything close to that.

“No man fears to do that which he knows he does well” The Duke of Wellington.

Anyone who has ever been in firefight, and was well trained, likely had a sensation, which made it appear their body was mindlessly just doing what it was trained to do; this is good.

This also leads to something called “slow motion time.” Auto Pilot/Muscle Memory is the response developed through repetitive practice, and stress inoculation through realistic, stressful training are powerful and effective tools to push the envelope and stay in the zone.

Remember if there is a lull in the action, tactical breathing can help you lower your heart rate.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out………………..

Think about that……..



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