November 29, 2020

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Audio Book Review of: These Dead Lands (Immolation) By Scott Wolf and Stephen Knight

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The United States of America is falling before the armies of the dead. Leading the sole survivors of the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division out of the overrun city of New York, Captain Phil Hastings heads for the safety of Fort Indiantown Gap, a National Guard training facility deep in the woodlands of Pennsylvania. Joining with other remnants of the military, government, and civilian communities, Hastings and his men must try to keep the tsunami of corpses from taking over the world and plan the resurrection of the nation. But first, they have to outlast the ravages of the dead… …and the living.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I travel a lot for work and I typically drive because of the amount of gear and equipment I use for my training courses. It is not untypical for me to rack up well over 200+ hours of highway time throughout the year and during these trips one can only listen to so much music. I am an audio book fan of sorts and enjoy great story lines and massive suspense.

The books help keep me awake as well as allow my mind to build scenes and pictures during the storyline. TDL is a great audio-book and I truly enjoyed it on my last twenty hour road trip. Here is a list of things that I enjoyed.

Realism: Even though TDL was a fictional book, it had spot on realism as it pertains to the units, weapons, movements, language and people. There is nothing worse than listening to an awesome storyline and hearing incorrect facts or unrealistic information. Just the language and back and forth conversations can elicit memories or events and if the author gets it wrong it can kill your book buzz fast. TDL is sharp like a razor on realism and most people with a service background will find this enjoyable. Some non-service people may have a hard time with some of the language but still shouldn’t have a big problem understanding most of it because the authors do a good job explaining it.

Violence: I must admit, I do enjoy me some unadulterated violence on bad dead guys and TDL does not disappoint. There are scenes and weapons that most definitely get you heart pumping. If you suffer from severe PTSD, you may consider not listening to this book as it does engage your adrenaline. As for the rest of you weirdos like me, you’re going to enjoy the majority of the battle scenes and weapons play. Nothing better than laying waste to dead zombies.

Values: TDL presents vivid snapshots of many types of people and circumstances. One such snap shot is of family love and a soldier’s commitment to his wife and kids. The story examines the duality of a soldier’s duty to his nation, unit and family. I could very much relate to this tough, and at times conflicting issue. This will engage your mind in a way you may have never thought. The special needs child portrayed in the book and his interaction with people, as well as their behavior is raw and real. This situation will most definitely engage one’s personal belief system.

People: The amount of people and personality types is great and the authors seem to personally introduce you to all of the characters with a wide grin on their face. The diversity and depth of these people make this book truly enjoyable. From the comedic mil spec language and small unit fuckery to the visualizations of beautiful eastern fantasies, the characters come alive. I must admit that somewhere deep inside my mind, many of these characters reminded me of people I have experienced in my lifetime.

Conclusion: I truly enjoyed These Dead Lands audiobook. I can’t wait for the next one as I’m left in a state of suspense. I’m hoping the authors will continue with the series and use the same prowess and precision in the future. With a large smile, I was entertained! Great work gentlemen!

Kurt Delia
Delia Tactical International

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