Speed burpees by the the incomparable “Speal.” Burpees can be done anywhere and anytime, and they will kick your a** while keeping you sharp!

Want to turn this movement into a Anaerobic Lactic Power single modality workout, try this format*. Work and rest periods must be kept strict and consistent throughout all sets and blocks. Try two blocks and ONLY go for three if you are able to keep a 90% output. If you have a good anaerobic lactic power base and you executed correctly you will need ALL of the rest periods. DON’T SHORTEN YOUR REST PERIODS! You are warned.

Burpees Points-of-Performance: Chest and thighs must touch the deck, full extension/opening of the knees and hips at top, and clap of the hands overhead.

Block One

Work: 30 secs @ 90% output, Rest: 4:30 X 3 sets

Rest: 7-10mins btw blocks

Block Two

Work: 30 secs @ 90% output, Rest: 4:30 X 3 sets

Rest: 7-10mins btw blocks (if you don’t fall offline, then try a third block)

Block Three

Work: 30 secs @ 90% output, Rest: 4:30 X 3 sets

*An intense power effort (lots of work in a short period of time) utilizing phosphagen and anaerobic glycolysis for 30sec efforts. Longer periods of rest are required allowing emphasis on power. If you are ready to hit your next effort in less than 4:30, then you haven’t really tapped your 90% output…high cyclical rate is needed – full potentiation of central nervous system and cellular systems.

Note: Pyruvate is the end product of anaerobic glycolysis. Glycolysis is what one is referring to nearly all the time they use the term anaerobic. Pyruvate is either immediately used for aerobic energy in the cell or converted into lactate. Very little pyruvate remains as itself which is why lactate is always the term used.



By Rick Burrell

Rick Burrell is a multi-skilled professional and operational manager with over 28 yrs of combined military and federal service in the US Navy Seal Teams (BUD/s Class #173).

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