In the realm of eyewear, the Wiley X Founder glasses emerge as a testament to innovation and homage to the pioneering founder of Wiley X, Myles Freeman. Crafted to blend style with unparalleled eye protection, the WX Founder sunglasses present a compelling choice for those who prioritize both fashion and safety. Whether embarking on outdoor adventures or embracing everyday life, these sunglasses are poised to become your new favorite accessory.

Myles Freeman, a military veteran, started Wiley X to protect the eyes of those who protected America. The iconic founder of protective eyewear company passed away peacefully early Sunday morning after a long illness on January 21, 2021. He was 79 years old.

The WX Founder sunglasses boast a bold and standout silhouette, making them an instant fashion statement. The robust build ensures durability, making them the ideal companion for various outdoor pursuits or casual wear. The inclusion of removable side shields adds a layer of adaptability, allowing users to customize their eyewear experience based on the occasion. Wiley X understands that eyewear should seamlessly blend style with functionality.

The dual color glasses are a standout. The glasses I reviewed are Matte Black and Tan color.  They come in other colors too, such as Crystal Grey, Matte Black, Graphite and Matte Black / Captivate Grey. Depending on the frame color chosen, the glasses can be paired with a leather jacket for a rugged look, or worn with a suit for a polished appearance. The glasses can effortlessly adapt to different wardrobes, allowing an individual to express their personal style while maintaining an aura of coolness.

Wiley X has consistently set the bar high when it comes to eye protection, and the Founder glasses are no exception. The brand consistently adheres to certifications such as ANSI Z87.1, ensuring that their eyewear provides optimum optical clarity and protection against high mass/high-velocity impacts. Whether on the shooting range, in industrial settings, or during outdoor activities, Wiley X glasses offer a reliable shield for the eyes. Meeting ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for optical clarity and high mass/high velocity impact protection, these sunglasses offer a shield for your eyes in even the most challenging environments. The dual-injected rubber temples enhance the grip, providing a secure fit during active pursuits.

One of the hallmarks of Wiley X glasses is their commitment to providing crystal-clear vision. The lenses of the WX Founder sunglasses provide distortion-free clarity, ensuring that your vision remains sharp and uncompromised. With 100% UVA/UVB protection, these sunglasses are designed to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun while allowing you to enjoy the world in vibrant detail. The polycarbonate lens material further contributes to a lightweight feel, making them comfortable for extended wear.

Comfort is a key consideration, especially if you plan on wearing the glasses for extended periods. Catering to a medium/large head size, the WX Founder sunglasses are designed to accommodate a wide range of users. The lightweight frame ensures that wearing these sunglasses feels like a breeze, even during extended use. Additionally, the prescription-ready feature opens up possibilities for those who require corrective lenses, making these sunglasses accessible to a broader audience. Please call their Customer Service Department to order prescription lenses for this model. These sunglasses are available with a mirror coating option on certain colors. Mirror coatings are suitable for protection from intense light. A mirror coating reflects back light and reduces the amount of light passing through the lens. This makes it more comfortable for eyes in very sunny conditions.


  • Active Lifestyle Series
  • Fit (Head Size): Medium/Large
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Bridge Size (mm): 17
  • Lens Width (mm): 56
  • Lens Height (mm): 44
  • Temple Length (mm): 135

In conclusion, the Wiley X Founder glasses successfully marry style, durability, and advanced eye protection. Whether you’re seeking a fashion-forward accessory or gearing up for outdoor adventures, these sunglasses excel in both form and function. With a commitment to safety, a bold design, and a range of features, the WX Founder sunglasses are poised to become a staple for those who refuse to compromise on quality, comfort, or style. Wiley X FOUNDER Sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth and protective carrying case.

Priced at $150.00, and upwards of $200.00 depending on selection, the glasses make a solid addition to anyone looking for safety and style when it comes to eyewear. Wiley X glasses have become synonymous with superior performance in various demanding environments.

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